Monday, September 7, 2015


Hello, my name is Guillermo, but I go by the nickname "Guimo." I'm a philosophy major and I've always had a strong interest in metaphysics, religion, the paranormal, psychic development, alternative medicine and fringe science, and how those topics relate to the morals and ethics, as well as temperament, of our modern civilization. I don't believe that religion or spirituality are the basis for our morality, but I do believe that spirituality when followed intelligently can help emphasize the importance of moral virtue and help understand the inherent value of life and existence in this universe.  

I created this blog in hopes of sharing what I have learned as a student of Unarius, and so I could share my thoughts on philosophy (which a focus on ontology and new age metaphysics), current events, homeopathy, and various other topics. I also plan to review some of the amazing books I have read and to share what I've gained from reading them. I mainly read philosophical essays, spiritual and non-spiritual self-help books, and articles that focus on the new frontiers of the scientific world. I am no means an expert in any of these things, but as a student I hope to learn more and share what I learn with others. Before I discovered Unarius I was living a very self-destructive lifestyle; living a life of hedonistic pleasure with nothing but nihilistic occupying my mind. These days I am much more conscious to what I project into the world, and how I approach people. I want to encourage others to find their own spiritual paths, and pursue their own philosophical concepts. I feel that building bridges on a spiritual understanding is important for building a solid foundation for peace. All the religious, spiritual, political, and ideological systems can't agree but we can at least learn to co-exist through understanding. That is the only first step to peace, in my mind.

I believe I was called or summoned by the Space Brothers (ET's) while I was in my first semester as a philosophy student. I was trying to decide and figure out how I wanted to approach philosophy, something in the back of my mind told me to look into the Unarius teachings. I ordered and read the book "The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation", by Ernest L. Norman, and it led me to a new field of study and research, and I believe it made me a better person. I still constantly reread the ICCC on a near daily basis as it has become a sort of guide book for my own life. By understanding the science of energy through the Unarius liturgies, my place in the universe just made a lot more sense, and I found myself able to relate to people in a greater way than before. I'm a lot more personable than I used to be, and I care a whole lot more about other people than I used to. I'm still a work in progress, but with Unarius as part of my life I have a strong foundation to continue improving. I've read a great deal of the Unarius liturgies by the Moderator, Ernest L. Norman, as well as the books by Ruth Norman and her Sub-Channelers. I don't strictly read Unarius texts; I have amassed a small library of religious, philosophical, and scientific books for my personal research. I don't discriminate what I read; I try to take it all in the best I can so I can better extrapolate different views on similar ideas.

Unarius can positively impact others through its perspective. People often mistake Unarius as a religion, or worse as a cult, but instead it's an advanced and abstract field of spiritual understanding and science. Unarius, in my experience, doesn't point to "right" or "wrong" answers, or trying to see things as good or evil, but rather Unarius tries to understand and extrapolate the spiritual nature of life so we can better understand how we relate to the universe around us. Another misconception I think deals with our roles as students; because Unarius might get grouped up with other religious stereotypes, people might think we worship our founders, Ernest L. & Ruth E. Norman, extraterrestrials, UFO's, etc., but that isn't at all true. It actually couldn't be any farther from the truth. Students of Unarius do not worship any sort of entity, deity, or idol. We believe that we are all expressions of God, the Infinite Creative Intelligence, in a finite form, and that any sort of worship is a needless endeavor.

The teachings of Unarius deal with self-reflection and empowerment to overcome our own karma, and to unwind the knots left behind by past negative actions from our previous lifetimes. As a student I admire the founders of Unarius, and I want to learn from them, but I want to learn from all great teachers (which is something the founders of Unarius encourage). I think Unarius can impact the world through its humanistic approach to understanding this world and universe through logic and science. Unarius teaches that advancing and improving the self is the most important step to helping this world, and that the reactive mind can lead to personal destruction. Unarius also teaches that the superstitions from an older and more primitive time have to be replaced with logic and reason, and that these old fears of god or gods punishing us for this or that reason should be disregarded as fallacies. As people, we're to reconnect with spirit, not fear it.

And, I should make it clear that I don't consider myself a "Starseed" or a "Star Person." I'm a student of Unarius, a student of philosophy, and a researcher for esoteric thought. I have many friends and associates who are a part of these communities, and I sometimes do communicate with their circles, but I by no means align myself with this sort of idealism or perspective on spiritual thought. At some point I will be writing more on the origins of these terms like Starseed, or the Ashtar Star Command movement, etc., but that's for another time.

Although I am a student member of the Unarius Academy of Science, this blog is in no way affiliated with them, nor does it represent any of their views as an educational foundation or as a spiritual school. Everything here is strictly from me and my views as a student. The emblem I use for this page was designed by my friend and I to represent my stance as a student, and it helps to encapsulate my studies and my stance as a student. Many thanks to Lindsey Mian for helping me design this emblem (you can find more of her work here). If you would like to find out more information on Unarius, their videos, literature, and online class schedule,  please click the tab at the top of this page for more information, or go directly to their site by clicking here.

This blog will always be a work in progress, and it will evolve as it needs to depending on what I want to share on it. I want to share my research with any potential student, and I hope to receive feedback from anyone who enjoys what I share.