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Chakras and the Seven Rays: The Wheel of Life

The Seven Rays is not a uniquely Unariun concept, so it should be acknowledged that much like the chakra system there are hundreds if not millions of interpretations of these ideas. In general, the Seven Rays are a metaphysical concept that say there are rays of "spiritual" energy being beamed or radiated towards the Earth from various outside sources. Some of these sources have been said to be deistic in nature, or godly, but also have been hypothesized to be extraterrestrial in their nature. In the liturgies of Unarius, it is stated that the Seven Rays originate from the 4th Dimension, from the Unarius Celestial Centers, and are projected and radiated from Higher Beings, the Elder Brothers, so that the Earthman can be inspired to take on the tasks of progressive soulic evolution.There is seemingly no right or wrong way to interpret the Seven Rays, or their meanings. Since so much behind this concept deals with colors, and we all experience colors differently, there might be millions of different interpretations. The Seven Rays also correlate with the Seven Chakras, which also might have different interpretations depending on the person, spiritual school, or esoteric philosophy; so that adds even more to their mystery. Altogether, there might be an infinite number of combinations for these concepts, and an infinite number of interpretations. In general, the Seven Rays all deal with human compassion, the evolution of cognizance, personal strength, and the ambition for spiritual fulfillment. 

The Lyre of Apollo. Descent of Spirit into Matter, "All Things From One"

The Seven Rays have also been called the Lyre by Apollo. Friedrich Nietzsche, the great philosopher, distinguished Apollonian and Dionysian concepts in regards to Greek plays, but these same concepts can be applied to the balance of life. Apollo, the sun god, is stoic, strong, balanced, and refined. Dionysius is all discord; sex, drugs, and rock and roll; absolutely hedonistic. This model of thought wasn't entirely true for how the Greeks themselves viewed these particular deities, but for the sake of theoretical thought and as place holders for the concepts of balance the Apollonian and Dionysian model serves us just fine. I should also add that these concepts of order and chaos (Apollonian and Dionysian) are neither good or bad, they are just two different ways of expressing the greater whole. You could even argue that there isn't any true difference at all since they are both ways we as people can express ourselves and our intentions. We all have the right to live as we want, but the healthiest way is to pursue a balance between that order and chaos. The symbols and colors used to describe and differentiate the Seven Rays are in of themselves meaningless as they are just a place holder for a more important definition; balance between the physical and metaphysical. So what's the point of symbolizing this concept of balance and differentiating them with particular colors? I believe it's to help us visualize abstract concepts that deal with existential thought and to emphasize that each concept is different but part of a greater whole. 

A graphic of emotions or thought forms associated with Apollonian and Dionysiac philosophies respectfully. This image is (c) Brice Rimell 

The Seven Rays are another way for us to understand this balance that we need in our material world. We cannot truly be satisfied with our lives without at least a basic understanding of the other half of our existence, and that would be the metaphysical functions of our soul. When we are out of sync with our soul, the whole of our hopes and dreams, we become almost soulless. We feel dead inside and slosh through our days almost without purpose. When we are out of sync with ourselves we can only few life through a nihilistic perspective. It is also important to note that these are internal concepts, and using any needless tools or routines are more or less meaningless unless we can find peace within to accept this energy in a natural way through attunement with our higher-selves.

With each Ray of energy having its own color and meaning through occult and esoteric philosophy, the Seven Rays have been a part of Color Therapy, Feng Shui, Reiki exercises, certain yoga and pranic exercises, and any system of thought that incorporates the chakras. The chakras have been described as vital power centers of the human body in a spiritual or metaphysical sense. Through classical Indian and Yoga philosophy the chakras are understood to be points or specific locations where otherworldly or metaphysical energy emanate from to keep us charged and balanced, and any unbalance in our chakras would be or could be considered the root problem for any of our illnesses. It's very common to see spiritual healers and naturalists who say they can help you balance your chakra energies to better your health. Speaking personally, I don't believe there is a single person walking this planet who has perfectly balanced chakras. We all carry negative energy, or karma, which is why we exist in this plane in the first place. Still, we should pursue spiritual and physical balance so that we can be better prepared for a positive future. 

A simplified view of the chakras
Ernest L. Norman wrote about the chakras, preferring to call them the "energy vortexes" of the "psychic-anatomy" (or psychic-body, or psychic-self depending on the nomenclature he was using). For a lack of a way of phrasing it, the psychic-anatomy can be described as the body of the soul of any person; man and woman in their incorporeal form. This psychic-body bears the burden of carrying the information of our past-lives, positive and negative. As such, the energy vortexes of our psychic-body all fluctuate at a frequency that resonates with any balance or imbalance that we may go through in our daily lives, and our physical bodies will reflect that in response. 

"We have another body which is called the psychic-body... According to the old Yogi, who understood at least partially what the psychic-self was, we have different centers which are called chakras which stem up the spine. These are centers similar to the sprinkling system used on your lawn; if we turn on the water faucet, the water comes out here and there and all over. At the base of the spine is the kundalini which is related to sex. There is another very important one at the base of the brain called the medulla oblongata. Then we have the hypothalamus, this gland links you up with a cone of light energy which has been measured at least twenty feet. We also have at the centers of the palms and the finger tips, other centers. One the soles of our feet, in the ends of our toes, and in the joints of our body are also centers of this sprinkling system of cosmic energy, which is energy coming from the psychic-self. For instance, through the solar plexus, which is the vital seat of the organic body, energy comes from out of this psychic body and enters into the physical body something like this. This radiation of light is called an aura. It, too, is measurable and contains seven basic frequencies as far as the terrestrial dimensional science is concerned. The Yogi calls it 3 prana, 3 karmic, and 1 spiritual or celestial vibrations. Now the actual structure of this psychic body itself is composed of innumerable vortexes of energy. Our sun is composed this way and the sun will be at the end or nuclei of this energy which is the source of our life energy." Ernest L. Norman, Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

The psychic-body as described by Ernest Norman, "Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation"
(c) Unarius Academy of Science

Before continuing with the Seven Rays it is important to understand how they correlate with the chakras/energy vortexes of the human body. Our very lives are connected to the sun through metaphysical means by the chakras. Fourth dimensional energy emanates from the sun throughout our solar system. We are always swimming in the suns energy. Although not specifically noted, I believe that a great amount of the energy from the Seven Rays is refracted through the sun like light through a prism, allowing a way for this frequencies to be immersed by all living creatures. The Catholic church, the Mormons, Hindus, Freemasons, Theosophical Society, and many other spiritual groups have their own versions of the Seven Rays. There are also independent esoteric and occult philosophers who define the Seven Rays in their own unique ways. As you can see, a great number of people in the world agree that the Seven Rays are an important spiritual concept and it's definitely worth your time as a spiritual researcher to pursue a better understanding of this ancient and complex theory. Here are some resources I found for other variations on the Seven Rays. Like any sort esoteric thought, take the information on these pages with a pinch of salt: 
The Seven Rays are key to understanding the abstract nature of our own consciousness and our psychic-selves. Through these Rays, we can understand what is vital for everyday life and how we can improve and strengthen ourselves. It's the prep work for ascension into the Higher Realms of existence. Also, the Rays help us realize that we are actually alive; similar to Descartes "I think therefore I am"  (Cogito ergo sum) philosophy. I like how Ernest Wood states this idea in his Theosophical Handbook, "The Seven Rays":

"The term 'The Seven Rays" is applied especially to the life-side of our living. It is recognized that that is where our light lies, though it be a darkness as compared with what is to come. Our consciousness is at all times far more important than our circumstances. It does not matter very much whether we juggle with golden balls or with pebbles from the beach, but the state of our conscious is vitally important. One says 'I love apple pie, or - perhaps - mangos,' but what one really enjoys is not the pie or the mango, not even the taste of the pie or the mango, but the consciousness of the taste of the pie or the mango" - Ernest Wood, from the book "The Seven Rays"

So, it can be hypothesized that the Seven Rays can in fact be a way for us to know we are alive. They represent life experiences, but also universal wisdom. The Leaders of Unarius (who reside in the 4th and Higher dimensions) are well aware of this concept, and from the Seven Centers they project their own Seven  Rays to the Earth so that we may become inspired. Each of the Seven Centers projects it’s own ray of energy to signify the intention or purpose of that Center. Each Center also has a symbol it uses to symbolize spiritual and material balance through the Unariun Wheel of Life. The Seven Centers of Unarius were first revealed by Ernest Norman in the book "The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation", but he gives a greater detail of them in the "Pulse of Creation" series (also known as the "Voice of" series) where he relates his adventures in those spiritual Super Planets, and the many personages that he's met. 

An example of Clasped Hands

Each Unariun world has its own emblem or crest, and shares it's own unique Ray with the Earth. The colors and symbols used within Unarius are largely meaningless as they are used to distinguish one Center, or Ray, from another one. The emblems used are meant to symbolize balance between the material and the metaphysical, life and death, or our dimension and the 4th dimension. Here is a list of the Centers of Unarius and their meanings: 
  1. Unarius is the main Celestial Center, representing Leadership and Integration. Its symbol is Clasped Hands, and it's Ray is Orange. 
  2. Orion is the Center for Teaching & Wisdom. Its symbol is the Double Triangle, and it's Ray is Yellow. 
  3. Hermes is the Center for Philosophy. Its symbol is an Upheld Torch, and it's Ray is Green. 
  4. Muse is the Center for Inspiration through the Arts. Its symbol is a Lyre, and its Ray is Coral. 
  5. Eros is the Center for Science. Its symbol is Balanced Scales, and its Ray is Red. 
  6. Venus is the Center for Spiritual Healing. Its symbol is a White Cross, and its Ray is Blue. 
  7. Elysium is the Center for Spiritual Devotion. Its symbol is an Incense Urn, and its Ray is Violet
These symbols and rays, known as the Unarius Wheel of Life, first appeared in the "Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation" as part of Ernest L Norman's lecture on the Celestial realm, which he calls the Fourth Dimension. During this lecture, Ernest Norman doesn't give specific pictures to represent the symbols so he leaves him up for interpretation. "Clasped Hands" for example could refer to someone shaking hands with a friend, or someone helping someone else to safety, or it could refer to the positions hands are in when someone is about to pray (in the Christian sense anyway). In any case, each of these symbols form a sort of equation; a duality (represented by the symbol) that leads to a specific and important purpose (represented by the ray). So from this we can gather that when we strike that balance between the spiritual and the physical we will find our purpose and find success in some capacity that will benefit our fellow man. I believe, the Unarius Wheel of Life represent what we truly need to survive in our modern world, and I also believe that any person can find worth in these.The Seven Rays of Unarius symbolize balance and structure as they should exist in our Earth world. These rays are transmitted and bestowed unto the earth world in millions of ways, and become deconstructed, distributed, and expressed through their appropriate functions, and quite possibly come through our sun. As a side note, many of these concepts overlap each other; there is a science to arts, as well as an art to science for example. These rays may not even appear as colored beams of energy, but might manifest through physical means through people who are attuned to these functions and principles of life.That's why the Seven Rays are so important; they embody that importance of the human spirit and guide us for greater self improvement so that we may find ourselves. Balance has always been the key to life, and to achieve that balance we must quest for self-mastery. Through acceptance of the Seven Rays we gain the responsibility to create purpose for our lives. When we begin to master them, and learn from them, that's when we begin our climb to ascension and we can reattune to our metaphysical reality. The Seven Rays, in their millions of configurations, are that vital energy for life and human cognizance. 

Albrecht Dürer Praying Hands (1508); another example of Clasped Hands

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