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UIC: The Unariun Interdimensional Concept

Ernest L. Norman
(c) Unarius Academy of Science
"The Unariun mission had a very humble beginning, and well that it should. In its totality, and could all peoples of the world have accepted it, it would have totally upset and destroyed all the time-honored and sacred rhetorics of mankind's life on the planet Earth and would have necessitated a complete and total change in all venues, methods of expression, sciences, medicine, etc. Such drastic and revolutionary changes, however, were not desired and, in Their Infinite Wisdom, the Unariun Brotherhood knew the value of evolutionary life as it concerned every earthman in an environment compatible with his evolution. Furthermore, in its totality, the Unariun Interdimensional Concept would have been totally incomprehensible, much less acceptable, only to those who had in their mystical experiences, approached the threshold of the Interdimensional Cosmos and were ready for the next step. The vast majority of earthmen born in this time would only with (unknown to them) projected energies and invisible help; their evolution continuing according to basic principals." - Ernest L. Norman, Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation
The intent of Unarius from the very beginning wasn't to change the world, but to change individuals to become greater emissaries for the world.So that we could ascend to a more intelligent state of mind by reconnecting with our Higher-selves through our super-consciousness, and by ridding our lives of negative energies that kept us from progressing forward in our own evolution. Every person living on the planet Earth today has every right to live as they wish, believe in what they like, and to express themselves in any way that can showcase who they are to their fellow man. In fact, students of Unarius believe that all people in this world of ours have set themselves up for a test, so to speak, and that this world of ours is something like a school where we can see how far we can progress in this lifetime. Will we evolve, or devolve? Will we become a greater version of ourselves within our own lifetimes and create a greater world for everyone who surrounds us, or will we degenerate into people who only think inwardly and care little for the world around us. This is where the interdimensional science of Unarius comes into play. It is a simple but also a complex psychic science that deals with wave theory, polarities and biocentricity, metempsychosis (reincarnation) and regeneration, parapsychology, spiritual healing, and of course positive energy (dharma) and negative energy (karma). It is my hope that I can explain my understanding of this interdimensional science in a way that is clear to anyone who might be knew to these concepts. In no way can this article replace studying the works of Dr. Norman or Ruth Norman, and I encourage anyone who finds this article interesting to study the Unarius texts independently.

The 4th Dimension is our door way to understanding the Infinite Cosmos, but what is the 4th Dimension? According to Albert Einstein, the Fourth Dimension is time without limit or entropy. Physics as it exists today is the study of unseen phenomena that can be measured and studied to some capacity through mathematics, or electronics. Fourth Dimensional physics, as proposed by Ernest Norman, is the bridge where the “spirit” or Higher realms of unseen reality meet our Third Dimensional understanding of physics. They are in a sense, polarities for each other that give us the charge to exist in this world. The Unariun Interdimensional Concept (UIC) is a way of viewing ourselves as we relate to our universe through psychokinetic means through a form of advanced metaphysics as they relate to our known physical universe. It’s a way of bridging the physical and finite world, with Infinity, or "God". It is also a means of bringing together metaphysical and spiritual concepts alongside the material and scientific world. With the UIC concept we learn that existence beyond our physical bodies is Infinite, forever regenerating into new forms because there is no such thing as static energy. All things in the universe consist of atoms, that are always in motion, and humans (or anything for that matter) can be broken down to carbon atoms, to the nucleus of that atom, to quarks, to gluons, etc. So solids and mass are essentially an illusion. Even modern science has made it clear that most our “solids” are empty. There is even electronic machinery that can phase energy through other objects and allow them to pass through without any sort of detection (x-rays for example; but overexposure of any sort of radiation can be harmful). Democritus, a Greek philosopher was the first to bring into our world the concept of an atom which he called an "atomos" (Greek for “particles that could not be split, destroyed, or changed in any way"). These days we know more about atoms and their functions, and even how they look like and react to one another, but the name has stuck. It should also be made clear, although a lot of the UIC sounds like nuclear physics, it was never the intent of Dr. Norman to make scientists out of any of us, and it wasn't his intent to be classified as one either. "I like to view the physical and the causal sciences in a more abstract way and not from the third dimensional standpoint alone. I like to view them as a clairvoyant might; where I can see the functioning of the Infinite not only through the physical dimensions but through the higher dimensions as well" Although he was a scientist, a poet, a philosopher, and all around Renaissance man, he wanted to be known as a clairvoyant, and for us who study this interdimensional science to become clairvoyant as well. 

A Toroidal Field; vortexual energy in motion. Also called a "Venturi Tube", this is the Unariun understanding of an atom, or galaxy, or universe. It represents balance, unity, the Infinite, and the finite nature within all things.
Image (c) Nassim Haramein

Another view of a Toroidal Field/Ventrui Tube
Image (c) Witness Eternity
"The fourth dimension is a unified field force, oscillating within a sinusoidal cycle exchanging intelligence as a plus-minus polarity. In the third dimension the movement of this sine wave necessitates a separation from the essential unified nature of itself. In other words, the entire nature that is the expression of life in the third dimension is a point-to-point movement. In this point to point relationship, we have the entire expression of life, which resolves within the field equation of the speed of light or 182,200 MPS, which is the alternate nature of energy in its positive to negative oscillation. Time and space, day and night, up and down, and all factors of life which make life a reality to give each individual the security of knowing of his aliveness, is based upon this first development in the recognition of the next and further future developments. Man thus learns of the fourth dimension through the primary access of it into the third dimension. He learns of the fourth dimension by learning of its component parts in the third dimension of time and space.  The third dimension can then be considered in this respect, the basic learning stages for living in the unified field of the fourth dimension, and successively into the fifth and next aligned sixth dimension, etc. Having then provided this basic reference point, we can magnify a portion of the energy field that is fourth dimensional in its frequency structure, which is each individual's, we might call it, private mind!" - Mind Body - A Psychic Equation, The Joining of Science and Spirit
Atoms, as Dr. Norman points out in the Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation (ICCC), are vortexual forms of energy with their own vibratory rate. Each atom is intelligent, containing information and an I.Q. (intelligence quotient). These tiny atoms, even if you cannot see them or even if you cannot comprehend their existence, are the basic building block of you and everything you will be. Through biblical interpretation we can understand these atoms as the "Kingdom of Heaven that is within" or the "Many Mansions" of the Infinite that man calls God. All atoms are an entire universe in themselves, and their power is great. Dr. Norman points out that the atomic power of a penny could power an entire city if scientists knew how to harness that sort of energy. Atoms are a part of the vibratory rate and electromagnetic field of all people living on the Earth. If you can understand the vortexual nature of an atom, you can understand how the universe functions in a vibratory sense. The sun itself is formed in this vortexual pattern as well. Scientists believe the sun to be a gaseous thermonuclear ball of energy, 20-millions degrees on an average day, and they believe it to be so powerful in its energy output that a square yard of its surface pours out 72,000 horsepower of energy. That’s all well and good as far as scientists of the Earth are concerned, but no scientist has been able to penetrate even the ionosphere of the sun. Ernest Norman explains that the sun, for all its energy output would actually be cold to the touch, and if we were to go beyond its ionosphere, we could even pass through the sun unharmed (not too long ago a meteor flew through the sun). This of course depends on your frequency relationship to this pure ball of energy. Sadly, wavelength science on Earth, as compared to the rest of the cosmic community is still far behind.These wavelengths, or vortexes of energies make up a “harmonic”. Think of the entire universe, or reality as we know it, to being something akin to a symphony. This information is expressing itself on cue, every atom playing its part beautifully, and thus creating all that we can see and not see. It’s when certain particular notes are sour that something is awry with this symphony (but more on that later). Cosmic Hysteresis is a term coined by Ernest Norman to describe the interplay and parallaxing of energy that takes place in our galaxy between planetary bodies. Hysteresis is form of thermodynamic change (output or input) in potential energy, so Cosmic Hysteresis is just that but between the electromagnetic fields between planets. In some sense, you can imagine the planets as the chakra or energy centers of our solar system, with the sun acting as the hypothalamus, sending off Higher Energies from the Infinite Creative intelligence.

The sine wave/vortex/electromagnetic truth of our universe is within the vortexual atom
(c) Unarius Academy of Science

As already stated, all that exists in our universe is made up on Intelligent energy, and this energy travels in a sine wave formation. Mass is an illusion perpetrated by our reactive and negative mind. We are separated from the spiritual or intangible and more subtle nature of what could be considered the spiritual world due to our karma. This karma is like the ball and chain we drag behind us from our various past-lives. Our world, our thoughts, our choices, and our various derelictions of the mind, and illnesses are a result of this karma, or negative energy. We can also say that karma is a knotted rope that keeps us tied up and stagnant to change; we have to undo these “karmic knots”, and to free ourselves of the negative energies that we initially tied ourselves up with. And lastly, we must understand energy; how everything is energy, how we absorb energy, and how we project energy. To put it another way, we are the finite negative polarity to a positive Infinite polarity. We exist on a very low vibratory physical state, whereas the metaphysical or intangible exists in a high vibratory state. So what is an atom? And atom is a "conglomeration of wave forms of energy. The combination of intelligent wave forms creates present-day reality, our physical world".To better understand the fundamental difference between polarities, we have to understand what a sine wave is. 

Sine Wave patterns; 3D & 4D
(c) Unarius Academy of Science

The very basic understanding in any high school level physics, is the sine wave. Sine waves (a line with a positive and negative up and down formation) make up different frequencies of energy that cycle in various different ways but for the sake of this short discourse we will presume that the positive portion of the sine wave is “spiritual” while the negative portion is “material”. The duality of nature functions in this way; the seen and unseen, the good and the bad, etc. In reality, positive and negative just means two different points, or polar opposites; neither is good nor bad, just different ends of the perspective of the same concept. This is as far as we can perceive within our 3rd Dimensional understanding of the universe, but there’s more to the picture than we can see. As humans travel down their paths in life they will express both the higher spiritual elements of existence as well as the lower material elements. We project energy that is both positive or negative depending on our subconscious karma, or our super-conscious intentions to polarize that karma. In general, our physical body, and possibly the lives we construct for ourselves, will mostly reflect our subconscious karma. But, because we have a super-consciousness to download more construction intentions from, we can polarize that karmic energy into something positive and progressive. Going higher into the spiritual or positive aspect of the sine wave we will see what is missing from our basic understanding of science; that life is not a sine-wave beyond our 3rd dimension. That in actuality, atoms (the basic building blocks of our reality) are vortexes of energy that are constantly parallaxing with one another. Our bodies are no different; we are made up of these various vortexes of energy. This vortex pattern is reflected in each person, each planet, galaxy, and universe. These energy formations are a part of the psychic-body, our true soul, and carry with it information from all of our previous reincarnations from this world, other worlds, and other dimensions. Our psychic-body breaks down into these psychokinetic forces: super-consciousness, mental-consciousness, sub-consciousness, the Aura, the Chakras, and the brain & endocrine system (hypothalamus/pituitary gland).
Chakras in motion creating a Toroidal Field or Venturi Tube

The super-consciousness, or higher-consciousness, is formed from all of the positive experiences from our many previous lifetimes, and exists in a dimension where we can access this information to better our lives now. The super-consciousness is in harmony with the Infinite Creative Intelligence (God), and is the basic sustaining force for the entire psychic-body. The mental-consciousness is where the Akashic resides and has all information, both positive and negative exists. The sub-consciousness is memories solely from your current lifetime. This model is of course comparable to Dr. Freud's concepts of the Id, Ego, and Super Ego; but those are psychological concepts, not psychokinetic or parapsychological. If you want to place them in the framework of Dr. Norman's model of the Psychic-Body, they would fit within the confines of the sub-consciousness. The aura is the electromagnetic energy being emitted by any living body. It is a misnomer to think that the aura contains all the information of the super-consciousness, mental-consciousness, and sub-consciousness; it does not. It is a by product of the bodies own innate energy field. Kirlian photography can allow you to view your aura, but this is subjective as your aura is affected by your mood, your diet, your heart rate, the light spectrum you are currently in, and the environment you are presently in. The aura is not a reliable venue for psychic readings, or understanding psychokinetic energy, but it is a nice place to start if you need something visual to help you understand these complex topics.
Kirlian photo of a leaf
The human brain has been thought to be the source of all thought, but that's a misnomer. The brain is the receiver for information from the super-consciousness. This information is brought in through the hypothalamus and fed through our entire endocrine system, including our "third eye", the pituitary gland.In classic mystic orders, the hypothalamus, or the pituitary gland, have been seen as the “third-eye”. There are those who strongly believe that the partaking of certain drugs or medications, such as DMT, will “open” this third-eye to the paranormal universe. There is some evidence to this, but while the freedom is yours to experiment, Unarius believes that you already have all that you need to view the Higher Realms. Through “attunement”, or connection to your Higher Self/super-consciousness, all things can be revealed to you. Your intuition, that “still small voice”, will guide you to the knowledge you seek. Attunement can be likened to a form of meditation through a natural function that exists as a higher form of  prayer. A painter working on a masterpiece, a ballerina dancing, etc., might be forms of attunement lets say, but also, any moment of clarity, those "aha!" moments, are also forms of attunement (even if brief). 

The Pyschic-Body
(c) Unarius Academy of Science
Within the static 3D body we hold our 4D metaphysical psychic-body. Whenever we have a sickness, a negative reaction, a pain, or any sort of ailment in our 3D body it is because there is something within our psychic-body that is out of sync, or in disharmony. This is where the chakras come into play; not as mystical forms of power but as energy formations from our super-consciousness through our hypothalamus, and through our endocrine system where it comes through what Yogis call the chakras. Within our psyhic-body we have energy centers called "chakras" by many, which act as a "sprinkler system" of vital energy, and it's within these energy centers where we can find our negative energy, or "karma". That is karma within us, coming in through our past-lives; it is energy that is out of sync with the positive energy in our body. If you can imagine for a moment that energy centers spin in a clockwise motion to indicate that it is positive, then negative energy spins counter clockwise. This negative energy lowers our vibratory frequency to reflect the negative energy we have exerted outwardly, in a previous lifetime, back inwardly to affect our physical selves in the present life. Its what Dr. Norman called the "Boomerang Concept". Jesus of Nazareth famously said, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This was the famous Golden Rule of the Christian Holy Bible, and its very nature is on the interplay of positive and negative energy, and how we ought to deal with it. In the Boomerang Concept, Dr. Norman gives in a greater detail how this Golden Rule functions on a psychokinetic level:
"The frequently referred to "boomerang effect" takes place when the one to whom these negations (anger, hostility, fear, etc.) are directed, is not in this same frequency, or does not respond to the anger or negations, but can, instead, remain at peace, poised and calm on a positive and higher plane of consciousness. In this instance then, there is no target, so to speak, or reciprocating or receiving pole, or minus side of the polarity (+ & –). The sender then becomes the receiver, for this energy must travel somewhere, just as the action of the magnet.Since the sender or the positive pole is the only particular negative frequency in this immediate locale or environment, thus the cycle or circle is formed, and the sender becomes also the receiver, or the negative receiving pole. Whatever the negation was, that which was projected and directed to another is attracted back unto its originating source; the cycle is formed and the sender becomes also the receiver, as there then is no other receptacle to which this negative energy may adhere, or with which it may become impinged or amassed."
By harming others, we really just harm ourselves. We cannot expect good and wondrous things to befall us if we carry the burden of negative energy of countless lives; eventually that karmic load will reach a breaking point, and on a metaphysical level we will begin to understand the true nature of what we have done. And besides all that, life is lived best when you are peace with yourself and with others. Collaboration is the key to a happy and healthy existence, and we should not go out of our way to harm others because of petty reasons. Negative emotions of any kind only feed into more negativity, and create more karma. So we must combat that karma with positive energy. Even if we live in a chaotic world, we can still be at peace within it. A balance must be struck. Understanding our lower nature is the pathway to understanding our higher selves; we require our sub-conscious because it is the balancing point to our super-consciousness. The Apollonian and Dionysian structures of our psychic-body, as well as our psychological and parapsychological mindsets are the road maps we have to our ascension. And, we can only progress, or ascend, if we learn from our karma, polarize that negative energy in our psychic-bodies, and take a few steps forward in our personal evolution. Concepts of destiny or fate are sometimes brought up when considering the super-consciousness, mental-consciousness, and the sub-consciousness. This can be related to the ideas behind the philosophical concepts of determinism, soft determinism, and hard determinism. But you, as an Infinite Being, always have a choice to make. In this world or any other world you are constantly being influenced by your past-life karma, and by the modern influences in media, by family, friends, other people who seemingly have no known impact or influence on you (but really do), by the culture you were incarnated into, etc., but ultimately your choice is always your own. Even if you are trapped in a physical prison, your mind is always free. Karma might build up over time, but it can also be undone through attunement with your super-consciousness. You might have to change your entire lifestyle to accomplish this, but it is always within your power to do it. 
“There are no karmic conditions which cannot be healed when the person will realize it and when proper conditions of attunement are brought into play. There may be a thought pattern which may take you a while to wean yourself away from, but your true condition has been cancelled out immediately the moment you focus your mind upon it and realize what this psychic impingement is. It is cancelled because your super intelligence or the Infinite Mind Force comes into action, and with the aid of the savants or learned minds in the spiritual dimensions who are working with these things, these negations, they are instantly cancelled out."
Lastly, I wanted to touch about biocentricity. This concept is also known has "biuneship", "soul mates", or "Twin Flames". As stated before, we all function on a vibratory energy state that is connecting our karma. Some people progress lifetime to lifetime in very positive ways, raising their vibration in the process. They evolve and thrive, and over time they become our great leaders and teachers. Not everyone has made it to that state however; some folks just fall behind. I often joke that I'm held together by sin and vice, but that's an honest summation of my life up until my mid-twenties. These days I am a lot more conscious in what I do, who I interact with, and how I treat others. I believe that a great portion of our world is like me. We are all trying to get back the best we can given the circumstances that we find ourselves in. The end result is we may not evolve as quickly as those who already have a leg up on us (their advantage being they've realized certain truths about ascension before us). "Biocentricity or your soul mate merely means that you too, are expressing a more absolute abstraction to that of your diametrically opposed opposite. Your opposite will look much as you do and will function on the same level so that you could be taken to be twins. You will find that person from life to life because through the ages and through your evolution, contained within yourself is the law of the functioning of the two diametrically opposed poles and as a result, you have built your psychic structures in accordance with that concept. You have built it just exactly as has the other person who, so related, has built his (or hers). Consequently, you find yourself functioning with the very same law of harmonic relationship as two complete but two exactly opposite polarities, and with the interchange of that Infinite energy between you; you make all things manifest. That is biocentricity." So, biocentricity is when you have two polarities who are operating on or near the same vibratory rate. This is not limited to your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, etc., but rather that individual with whom you are best in sync with. These soul mates will transcend all negativity together and create something beautiful; like two polarities of a battery giving a charge. To find this person you must first work on yourself and create the best you possible, constantly raising your vibratory rate, polarizing negative energy into positive energy, and finding peace within so your world outlook will be all the more brighter. That, in a nutshell, is biocentricity as explained by Dr. Norman.

The UIC is an exact but abstract science. No mathematical formulas to memorize because we are already living equations that represent the finite nature of Infinity. We are the proof that ascension is possible through scientific understanding. Progression into the Higher Realms of life takes 1,000 years per step. It’s a long time for sure, when you compare it to our finite existence, but we have all of eternity to accomplish this task. Reincarnation is a prison we built up for ourselves, through our past-lives because we failed to learn properly from our own mistakes. The shackles from this purgatory state is our responsibility, and with the Unariun Interdimensional Concept we now have a foundation to build upon so we can free ourselves from this purgatory state, and we can finally move forward with our ascension, as God intended for us to do.

Ernest L. & Ruth E. Norman
(c) Unarius Academy of Science
“You contain all the necessary ingredients of the Infinite Intelligence which can solve every one of your problems . . . There is nothing which remains unsolved or unsupported. You can tune into that vast tremendous power—that super intelligence within your own consciousness.”

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