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UIC: The Unariun Interdimensional Concept

Ernest L. Norman
(c) Unarius Academy of Science
"The Unariun mission had a very humble beginning, and well that it should. In its totality, and could all peoples of the world have accepted it, it would have totally upset and destroyed all the time-honored and sacred rhetorics of mankind's life on the planet Earth and would have necessitated a complete and total change in all venues, methods of expression, sciences, medicine, etc. Such drastic and revolutionary changes, however, were not desired and, in Their Infinite Wisdom, the Unariun Brotherhood knew the value of evolutionary life as it concerned every earthman in an environment compatible with his evolution. Furthermore, in its totality, the Unariun Interdimensional Concept would have been totally incomprehensible, much less acceptable, only to those who had in their mystical experiences, approached the threshold of the Interdimensional Cosmos and were ready for the next step. The vast majority of earthmen born in this time would only with (unknown to them) projected energies and invisible help; their evolution continuing according to basic principals." - Ernest L. Norman, Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation
The intent of Unarius from the very beginning wasn't to change the world, but to change individuals to become greater emissaries for the world.So that we could ascend to a more intelligent state of mind by reconnecting with our Higher-selves through our super-consciousness, and by ridding our lives of negative energies that kept us from progressing forward in our own evolution. Every person living on the planet Earth today has every right to live as they wish, believe in what they like, and to express themselves in any way that can showcase who they are to their fellow man. In fact, students of Unarius believe that all people in this world of ours have set themselves up for a test, so to speak, and that this world of ours is something like a school where we can see how far we can progress in this lifetime. Will we evolve, or devolve? Will we become a greater version of ourselves within our own lifetimes and create a greater world for everyone who surrounds us, or will we degenerate into people who only think inwardly and care little for the world around us. This is where the interdimensional science of Unarius comes into play. It is a simple but also a complex psychic science that deals with wave theory, polarities and biocentricity, metempsychosis (reincarnation) and regeneration, parapsychology, spiritual healing, and of course positive energy (dharma) and negative energy (karma). It is my hope that I can explain my understanding of this interdimensional science in a way that is clear to anyone who might be knew to these concepts. In no way can this article replace studying the works of Dr. Norman or Ruth Norman, and I encourage anyone who finds this article interesting to study the Unarius texts independently.

The 4th Dimension is our door way to understanding the Infinite Cosmos, but what is the 4th Dimension? According to Albert Einstein, the Fourth Dimension is time without limit or entropy. Physics as it exists today is the study of unseen phenomena that can be measured and studied to some capacity through mathematics, or electronics. Fourth Dimensional physics, as proposed by Ernest Norman, is the bridge where the “spirit” or Higher realms of unseen reality meet our Third Dimensional understanding of physics. They are in a sense, polarities for each other that give us the charge to exist in this world. The Unariun Interdimensional Concept (UIC) is a way of viewing ourselves as we relate to our universe through psychokinetic means through a form of advanced metaphysics as they relate to our known physical universe. It’s a way of bridging the physical and finite world, with Infinity, or "God". It is also a means of bringing together metaphysical and spiritual concepts alongside the material and scientific world. With the UIC concept we learn that existence beyond our physical bodies is Infinite, forever regenerating into new forms because there is no such thing as static energy. All things in the universe consist of atoms, that are always in motion, and humans (or anything for that matter) can be broken down to carbon atoms, to the nucleus of that atom, to quarks, to gluons, etc. So solids and mass are essentially an illusion. Even modern science has made it clear that most our “solids” are empty. There is even electronic machinery that can phase energy through other objects and allow them to pass through without any sort of detection (x-rays for example; but overexposure of any sort of radiation can be harmful). Democritus, a Greek philosopher was the first to bring into our world the concept of an atom which he called an "atomos" (Greek for “particles that could not be split, destroyed, or changed in any way"). These days we know more about atoms and their functions, and even how they look like and react to one another, but the name has stuck. It should also be made clear, although a lot of the UIC sounds like nuclear physics, it was never the intent of Dr. Norman to make scientists out of any of us, and it wasn't his intent to be classified as one either. "I like to view the physical and the causal sciences in a more abstract way and not from the third dimensional standpoint alone. I like to view them as a clairvoyant might; where I can see the functioning of the Infinite not only through the physical dimensions but through the higher dimensions as well" Although he was a scientist, a poet, a philosopher, and all around Renaissance man, he wanted to be known as a clairvoyant, and for us who study this interdimensional science to become clairvoyant as well. 

A Toroidal Field; vortexual energy in motion. Also called a "Venturi Tube", this is the Unariun understanding of an atom, or galaxy, or universe. It represents balance, unity, the Infinite, and the finite nature within all things.
Image (c) Nassim Haramein

Another view of a Toroidal Field/Ventrui Tube
Image (c) Witness Eternity
"The fourth dimension is a unified field force, oscillating within a sinusoidal cycle exchanging intelligence as a plus-minus polarity. In the third dimension the movement of this sine wave necessitates a separation from the essential unified nature of itself. In other words, the entire nature that is the expression of life in the third dimension is a point-to-point movement. In this point to point relationship, we have the entire expression of life, which resolves within the field equation of the speed of light or 182,200 MPS, which is the alternate nature of energy in its positive to negative oscillation. Time and space, day and night, up and down, and all factors of life which make life a reality to give each individual the security of knowing of his aliveness, is based upon this first development in the recognition of the next and further future developments. Man thus learns of the fourth dimension through the primary access of it into the third dimension. He learns of the fourth dimension by learning of its component parts in the third dimension of time and space.  The third dimension can then be considered in this respect, the basic learning stages for living in the unified field of the fourth dimension, and successively into the fifth and next aligned sixth dimension, etc. Having then provided this basic reference point, we can magnify a portion of the energy field that is fourth dimensional in its frequency structure, which is each individual's, we might call it, private mind!" - Mind Body - A Psychic Equation, The Joining of Science and Spirit
Atoms, as Dr. Norman points out in the Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation (ICCC), are vortexual forms of energy with their own vibratory rate. Each atom is intelligent, containing information and an I.Q. (intelligence quotient). These tiny atoms, even if you cannot see them or even if you cannot comprehend their existence, are the basic building block of you and everything you will be. Through biblical interpretation we can understand these atoms as the "Kingdom of Heaven that is within" or the "Many Mansions" of the Infinite that man calls God. All atoms are an entire universe in themselves, and their power is great. Dr. Norman points out that the atomic power of a penny could power an entire city if scientists knew how to harness that sort of energy. Atoms are a part of the vibratory rate and electromagnetic field of all people living on the Earth. If you can understand the vortexual nature of an atom, you can understand how the universe functions in a vibratory sense. The sun itself is formed in this vortexual pattern as well. Scientists believe the sun to be a gaseous thermonuclear ball of energy, 20-millions degrees on an average day, and they believe it to be so powerful in its energy output that a square yard of its surface pours out 72,000 horsepower of energy. That’s all well and good as far as scientists of the Earth are concerned, but no scientist has been able to penetrate even the ionosphere of the sun. Ernest Norman explains that the sun, for all its energy output would actually be cold to the touch, and if we were to go beyond its ionosphere, we could even pass through the sun unharmed (not too long ago a meteor flew through the sun). This of course depends on your frequency relationship to this pure ball of energy. Sadly, wavelength science on Earth, as compared to the rest of the cosmic community is still far behind.These wavelengths, or vortexes of energies make up a “harmonic”. Think of the entire universe, or reality as we know it, to being something akin to a symphony. This information is expressing itself on cue, every atom playing its part beautifully, and thus creating all that we can see and not see. It’s when certain particular notes are sour that something is awry with this symphony (but more on that later). Cosmic Hysteresis is a term coined by Ernest Norman to describe the interplay and parallaxing of energy that takes place in our galaxy between planetary bodies. Hysteresis is form of thermodynamic change (output or input) in potential energy, so Cosmic Hysteresis is just that but between the electromagnetic fields between planets. In some sense, you can imagine the planets as the chakra or energy centers of our solar system, with the sun acting as the hypothalamus, sending off Higher Energies from the Infinite Creative intelligence.

The sine wave/vortex/electromagnetic truth of our universe is within the vortexual atom
(c) Unarius Academy of Science

As already stated, all that exists in our universe is made up on Intelligent energy, and this energy travels in a sine wave formation. Mass is an illusion perpetrated by our reactive and negative mind. We are separated from the spiritual or intangible and more subtle nature of what could be considered the spiritual world due to our karma. This karma is like the ball and chain we drag behind us from our various past-lives. Our world, our thoughts, our choices, and our various derelictions of the mind, and illnesses are a result of this karma, or negative energy. We can also say that karma is a knotted rope that keeps us tied up and stagnant to change; we have to undo these “karmic knots”, and to free ourselves of the negative energies that we initially tied ourselves up with. And lastly, we must understand energy; how everything is energy, how we absorb energy, and how we project energy. To put it another way, we are the finite negative polarity to a positive Infinite polarity. We exist on a very low vibratory physical state, whereas the metaphysical or intangible exists in a high vibratory state. So what is an atom? And atom is a "conglomeration of wave forms of energy. The combination of intelligent wave forms creates present-day reality, our physical world".To better understand the fundamental difference between polarities, we have to understand what a sine wave is. 

Sine Wave patterns; 3D & 4D
(c) Unarius Academy of Science

The very basic understanding in any high school level physics, is the sine wave. Sine waves (a line with a positive and negative up and down formation) make up different frequencies of energy that cycle in various different ways but for the sake of this short discourse we will presume that the positive portion of the sine wave is “spiritual” while the negative portion is “material”. The duality of nature functions in this way; the seen and unseen, the good and the bad, etc. In reality, positive and negative just means two different points, or polar opposites; neither is good nor bad, just different ends of the perspective of the same concept. This is as far as we can perceive within our 3rd Dimensional understanding of the universe, but there’s more to the picture than we can see. As humans travel down their paths in life they will express both the higher spiritual elements of existence as well as the lower material elements. We project energy that is both positive or negative depending on our subconscious karma, or our super-conscious intentions to polarize that karma. In general, our physical body, and possibly the lives we construct for ourselves, will mostly reflect our subconscious karma. But, because we have a super-consciousness to download more construction intentions from, we can polarize that karmic energy into something positive and progressive. Going higher into the spiritual or positive aspect of the sine wave we will see what is missing from our basic understanding of science; that life is not a sine-wave beyond our 3rd dimension. That in actuality, atoms (the basic building blocks of our reality) are vortexes of energy that are constantly parallaxing with one another. Our bodies are no different; we are made up of these various vortexes of energy. This vortex pattern is reflected in each person, each planet, galaxy, and universe. These energy formations are a part of the psychic-body, our true soul, and carry with it information from all of our previous reincarnations from this world, other worlds, and other dimensions. Our psychic-body breaks down into these psychokinetic forces: super-consciousness, mental-consciousness, sub-consciousness, the Aura, the Chakras, and the brain & endocrine system (hypothalamus/pituitary gland).
Chakras in motion creating a Toroidal Field or Venturi Tube

The super-consciousness, or higher-consciousness, is formed from all of the positive experiences from our many previous lifetimes, and exists in a dimension where we can access this information to better our lives now. The super-consciousness is in harmony with the Infinite Creative Intelligence (God), and is the basic sustaining force for the entire psychic-body. The mental-consciousness is where the Akashic resides and has all information, both positive and negative exists. The sub-consciousness is memories solely from your current lifetime. This model is of course comparable to Dr. Freud's concepts of the Id, Ego, and Super Ego; but those are psychological concepts, not psychokinetic or parapsychological. If you want to place them in the framework of Dr. Norman's model of the Psychic-Body, they would fit within the confines of the sub-consciousness. The aura is the electromagnetic energy being emitted by any living body. It is a misnomer to think that the aura contains all the information of the super-consciousness, mental-consciousness, and sub-consciousness; it does not. It is a by product of the bodies own innate energy field. Kirlian photography can allow you to view your aura, but this is subjective as your aura is affected by your mood, your diet, your heart rate, the light spectrum you are currently in, and the environment you are presently in. The aura is not a reliable venue for psychic readings, or understanding psychokinetic energy, but it is a nice place to start if you need something visual to help you understand these complex topics.
Kirlian photo of a leaf
The human brain has been thought to be the source of all thought, but that's a misnomer. The brain is the receiver for information from the super-consciousness. This information is brought in through the hypothalamus and fed through our entire endocrine system, including our "third eye", the pituitary gland.In classic mystic orders, the hypothalamus, or the pituitary gland, have been seen as the “third-eye”. There are those who strongly believe that the partaking of certain drugs or medications, such as DMT, will “open” this third-eye to the paranormal universe. There is some evidence to this, but while the freedom is yours to experiment, Unarius believes that you already have all that you need to view the Higher Realms. Through “attunement”, or connection to your Higher Self/super-consciousness, all things can be revealed to you. Your intuition, that “still small voice”, will guide you to the knowledge you seek. Attunement can be likened to a form of meditation through a natural function that exists as a higher form of  prayer. A painter working on a masterpiece, a ballerina dancing, etc., might be forms of attunement lets say, but also, any moment of clarity, those "aha!" moments, are also forms of attunement (even if brief). 

The Pyschic-Body
(c) Unarius Academy of Science
Within the static 3D body we hold our 4D metaphysical psychic-body. Whenever we have a sickness, a negative reaction, a pain, or any sort of ailment in our 3D body it is because there is something within our psychic-body that is out of sync, or in disharmony. This is where the chakras come into play; not as mystical forms of power but as energy formations from our super-consciousness through our hypothalamus, and through our endocrine system where it comes through what Yogis call the chakras. Within our psyhic-body we have energy centers called "chakras" by many, which act as a "sprinkler system" of vital energy, and it's within these energy centers where we can find our negative energy, or "karma". That is karma within us, coming in through our past-lives; it is energy that is out of sync with the positive energy in our body. If you can imagine for a moment that energy centers spin in a clockwise motion to indicate that it is positive, then negative energy spins counter clockwise. This negative energy lowers our vibratory frequency to reflect the negative energy we have exerted outwardly, in a previous lifetime, back inwardly to affect our physical selves in the present life. Its what Dr. Norman called the "Boomerang Concept". Jesus of Nazareth famously said, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This was the famous Golden Rule of the Christian Holy Bible, and its very nature is on the interplay of positive and negative energy, and how we ought to deal with it. In the Boomerang Concept, Dr. Norman gives in a greater detail how this Golden Rule functions on a psychokinetic level:
"The frequently referred to "boomerang effect" takes place when the one to whom these negations (anger, hostility, fear, etc.) are directed, is not in this same frequency, or does not respond to the anger or negations, but can, instead, remain at peace, poised and calm on a positive and higher plane of consciousness. In this instance then, there is no target, so to speak, or reciprocating or receiving pole, or minus side of the polarity (+ & –). The sender then becomes the receiver, for this energy must travel somewhere, just as the action of the magnet.Since the sender or the positive pole is the only particular negative frequency in this immediate locale or environment, thus the cycle or circle is formed, and the sender becomes also the receiver, or the negative receiving pole. Whatever the negation was, that which was projected and directed to another is attracted back unto its originating source; the cycle is formed and the sender becomes also the receiver, as there then is no other receptacle to which this negative energy may adhere, or with which it may become impinged or amassed."
By harming others, we really just harm ourselves. We cannot expect good and wondrous things to befall us if we carry the burden of negative energy of countless lives; eventually that karmic load will reach a breaking point, and on a metaphysical level we will begin to understand the true nature of what we have done. And besides all that, life is lived best when you are peace with yourself and with others. Collaboration is the key to a happy and healthy existence, and we should not go out of our way to harm others because of petty reasons. Negative emotions of any kind only feed into more negativity, and create more karma. So we must combat that karma with positive energy. Even if we live in a chaotic world, we can still be at peace within it. A balance must be struck. Understanding our lower nature is the pathway to understanding our higher selves; we require our sub-conscious because it is the balancing point to our super-consciousness. The Apollonian and Dionysian structures of our psychic-body, as well as our psychological and parapsychological mindsets are the road maps we have to our ascension. And, we can only progress, or ascend, if we learn from our karma, polarize that negative energy in our psychic-bodies, and take a few steps forward in our personal evolution. Concepts of destiny or fate are sometimes brought up when considering the super-consciousness, mental-consciousness, and the sub-consciousness. This can be related to the ideas behind the philosophical concepts of determinism, soft determinism, and hard determinism. But you, as an Infinite Being, always have a choice to make. In this world or any other world you are constantly being influenced by your past-life karma, and by the modern influences in media, by family, friends, other people who seemingly have no known impact or influence on you (but really do), by the culture you were incarnated into, etc., but ultimately your choice is always your own. Even if you are trapped in a physical prison, your mind is always free. Karma might build up over time, but it can also be undone through attunement with your super-consciousness. You might have to change your entire lifestyle to accomplish this, but it is always within your power to do it. 
“There are no karmic conditions which cannot be healed when the person will realize it and when proper conditions of attunement are brought into play. There may be a thought pattern which may take you a while to wean yourself away from, but your true condition has been cancelled out immediately the moment you focus your mind upon it and realize what this psychic impingement is. It is cancelled because your super intelligence or the Infinite Mind Force comes into action, and with the aid of the savants or learned minds in the spiritual dimensions who are working with these things, these negations, they are instantly cancelled out."
Lastly, I wanted to touch about biocentricity. This concept is also known has "biuneship", "soul mates", or "Twin Flames". As stated before, we all function on a vibratory energy state that is connecting our karma. Some people progress lifetime to lifetime in very positive ways, raising their vibration in the process. They evolve and thrive, and over time they become our great leaders and teachers. Not everyone has made it to that state however; some folks just fall behind. I often joke that I'm held together by sin and vice, but that's an honest summation of my life up until my mid-twenties. These days I am a lot more conscious in what I do, who I interact with, and how I treat others. I believe that a great portion of our world is like me. We are all trying to get back the best we can given the circumstances that we find ourselves in. The end result is we may not evolve as quickly as those who already have a leg up on us (their advantage being they've realized certain truths about ascension before us). "Biocentricity or your soul mate merely means that you too, are expressing a more absolute abstraction to that of your diametrically opposed opposite. Your opposite will look much as you do and will function on the same level so that you could be taken to be twins. You will find that person from life to life because through the ages and through your evolution, contained within yourself is the law of the functioning of the two diametrically opposed poles and as a result, you have built your psychic structures in accordance with that concept. You have built it just exactly as has the other person who, so related, has built his (or hers). Consequently, you find yourself functioning with the very same law of harmonic relationship as two complete but two exactly opposite polarities, and with the interchange of that Infinite energy between you; you make all things manifest. That is biocentricity." So, biocentricity is when you have two polarities who are operating on or near the same vibratory rate. This is not limited to your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, etc., but rather that individual with whom you are best in sync with. These soul mates will transcend all negativity together and create something beautiful; like two polarities of a battery giving a charge. To find this person you must first work on yourself and create the best you possible, constantly raising your vibratory rate, polarizing negative energy into positive energy, and finding peace within so your world outlook will be all the more brighter. That, in a nutshell, is biocentricity as explained by Dr. Norman.

The UIC is an exact but abstract science. No mathematical formulas to memorize because we are already living equations that represent the finite nature of Infinity. We are the proof that ascension is possible through scientific understanding. Progression into the Higher Realms of life takes 1,000 years per step. It’s a long time for sure, when you compare it to our finite existence, but we have all of eternity to accomplish this task. Reincarnation is a prison we built up for ourselves, through our past-lives because we failed to learn properly from our own mistakes. The shackles from this purgatory state is our responsibility, and with the Unariun Interdimensional Concept we now have a foundation to build upon so we can free ourselves from this purgatory state, and we can finally move forward with our ascension, as God intended for us to do.

Ernest L. & Ruth E. Norman
(c) Unarius Academy of Science
“You contain all the necessary ingredients of the Infinite Intelligence which can solve every one of your problems . . . There is nothing which remains unsolved or unsupported. You can tune into that vast tremendous power—that super intelligence within your own consciousness.”

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In the face of this terrible attack on the people of Paris, we can't let our negative emotions overcome us. We must not seek revenge, or even justice in this matter because there is no such thing. The people who have lost their lives are even now going through a new soulic journey on their way to peace; it's we who are left behind who are truly suffering. Greater things are ahead for us here but it takes effort and a positive mind to reach the true goal of world peace. We cannot succumb to cynicism or hate; we have to live overcome our lower-selves so that we can see why it is important to love. You can't learn how to love if you are filled with hate. Keep Paris in your thoughts and prayers. May we all find inner peace someday so we can do away with all the hate and violence in our world so we can finally ascend to a Higher Dimension of love.

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Pyramids, Crystal Energy, the Super-conscious, and God

Pyramids of Giza 

Within the occult and paranormal belief systems, pyramids and crystals hold a particular amount of respect and esteem. The pyramids of Egypt are especially analyzed by people trying to discover untold paranormal abilities, and crystals are no different. Various fringe researchers have stated that crystals have the innate ability to increase human psychic ability, heal sickness, help attain enlightenment, and can even open transdimensional portals to the astral realm and beyond. I don't know about all of that personally. There are also other claims that pyramids can help with food preservation, improve plant life, and assist with meditation. I have a few crystals to call my own, most prominently a simple quartz that I've owned ever since I was a small child. Personally, I don't feel that crystals or pyramids are all that mysterious or difficult to understand. I will admit there is a great deal of intrigue when it comes to the application of these tools in our everyday life, and if you experiment on your own and independently from any influence from any sort of occult or paranormal viewpoint, you will see that these objects are no more powerful than any other tool we use in our lives. In a nutshell, I would like to say that these particular items, pyramids and crystals, are only as powerful as the user intends them to be and act as conduits of power, not as any sort of battery system to empower the user.

Pyramids, as a technological tool for societal use and development was brought to our world by eleven Lemurian scientists who built them as generators on the lost continent of Lemuria, also known as Mu. This technology later returned again during the Atlantean age through Amon Ra and was almost identical to what the Lemurians first built. Pyramid technology resurfaced again in ancient Egypt, where it was incomplete (but still brilliant). In our modern time, pyramid technology has reincarnated, so to speak, in the form of nuclear and electrical power plants that power our cities. Like the technology of ancient Egypt, these modern pyramids are incomplete, even if they are brilliant. The effects of the pyramid on inanimate objects and physical health have been experimented on and analyzed by various individuals who have found surprising results and have been corroborated by other scientists and researchers around the world. This however does not mean that modern day scientists believe in this, but it does bring a bit of interest into this particular field of study. In the book, Pyramid Power, researchers Max Toth and Greg Nielson talk about the findings of a Czechoslovakian researcher named Karl Drbal. Drbal was experimenting on the pyramids and their ability to prolong the longevity of razor blades through the use of a patented pyramid (Patent #91304 of the Czech Patent Office). In the chapter Application of Pyramid Energies, the authors write “Although some scientists in various parts of the world have been cognizant of the Drbal patent, it was not until the publication of Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, that the general public became aware of Drbal’s claim for the energies of the pyramid shape. Since the inception of this mass recognition, numerous research studies have been conducted throughout the world to support or validate these claims. Although there is no clear consensus in the scientific community as to the effectiveness of the pyramid in maintaining the sharpness of razor blades, hundreds of undocumented experiments have been performed by laymen which support the sharpening ability of the pyramid.” And it’s not just Drbal’s research that has found results based on the pyramid structure, other researchers have found similar results in their own independent studies. Still, mainstream scientists are seemingly unconvinced with Drbal’s findings, and since the 1970’s they have conducted their own results and have found no substantial evidence that so-called “pyramid power” works in any discernible degree. Even the hosts of Mythbusters have found no results in their televised results. Does this totally absolutely discount all research done by independent and fringe researchers? Not necessarily; I believe there is a substantial amount of evidence in this concept of “pyramid power” that can be taken into account during this sort of research. Most of all though, I believe that a connection to the super-consciousness is needed for there to be a positive result for this sort of experiment to work. The scientists who did not believe in “pyramid power” garnered the results they expected, and let’s face it, the results they expected and wanted to see. The same can be said about Dribl and researchers like him; they expected a positive result and they found what they were looking for. Both parties had their intentions well in mind when conducting their experiments and each party found the satisfactory answer for what they were trying to accomplish. They conflict with one another because because their intentions were different spectrums and they all wanted different things and they ended up with exactly what they wanted. Does this mean that pyramids are more mystical than I give them credit for? Perhaps, but I don’t think this is solely due to the pyramids used in this sort of experimentation. There are all sorts of items used to manifest or create some sort of physical phenomena or reaction for personal want and gain.

Patent #91304 Republic of Czechoslovakia

The ability to build and create as been part our human cognizance since we came into being in this world of ours. It is part of our super-consciousness to bring and share Infinite Creative Intelligence into our human society; that is the true secret of the pyramids. Ignore the various conspiracy theories that exist, and remember we can't sell one another short. As a human society we can do anything when we work together for a common goal. When a person tries to harness the power of a pyramid, or crystal, or any item really, all they're trying to do really is to create an action or an atmosphere that is conducive to a positive manifestation of an idea within their own mind. Much like the expressions "Abracadabra" ("I create as I speak")", "So mote it be" ("so may it come to pass"), or even "amen" ("let it be so"), the the focus of expressing an our thoughts through some sort of conduit (like a pyramid, crystal, wand, etc.), can only work if we totally in sync with our super-consciousness. This concept of physical manifestation through a conduits that help project something from within our mind into the physical is as old as humanity itself. Pendulums, tarot cards, wands, lines painted or drawn on the ground, radionic devices, etc., are all conduits for our minds to hopefully manifest something supernatural into the natural world. They all look and function different, but they all work under the same abstract principle of using a “source” from outside of our physical dimension to help us manifest or create a reaction here in the physical dimension. But what does that mean really? Personally, I believe this still points us back to our super-consciousness, and that would explain for certain why some researchers find one set of results and why others find different results. Modern day scientists adhere to a certain strict set of rules that overshadow our current understanding of science, and arguably, because they no longer practice or cater classical occult or paranormal concepts (like alchemists did for example), they only care about the cold hard facts. Occultists, paranormal investigators, and spiritually minded people however aren’t all too concerned with “cold hard facts” as they prefer to view reality in abstract terms. Scientists say our universe is governed by a certain set of unchanging rules, while spiritual researchers say that the Infinite has no true rules. That might be the best way to distinguish both groups.

A few examples of pyramids from around the world

There are too many stories and conspiracies to how the pyramids came to be. It's impossible to keep track of all the interpretations of ancient history, and it seems like every year we have another world changing discovery that rewrites a particular portion of what we previously knew. In truth, we might never know the full details of the events of how the pyramids came into existence, or who first devised them; and that’s fine. As human beings we are so thirsty for absolute and finite answers to broad and abstract questions. It’s okay not having all the details because we are meant to explore and to let our minds wander. With that all said, I hold Dr. Ernest L. Norman’s interpretations of the origins of the pyramids as my personal view. Dr. Norman states that pyramids are an advanced technological powering system from beyond our earth world., first brought to our world by eleven Lemurian super-scientists who first built pyramid-shaped power generators in the lost continent of Lemuria(also known as Mu). Pyramid technology also resurfaced in Atlantis before returning again in Egypt and around the world. And beyond that, it can be assumed that pyramid technology has existed in other worlds, in other dimensions for an incalculable span of time. In Amid the Pyramids, from Tempus Interludium Volume 1, Dr. Norman relates his interpretation of how Amon Ra shared pyramid technology with the Atlantean people stating that, "The story of Amon Ra who came to Atlantis about 15000 B.C., arrived there in a spaceship, together with a number of scientists and technicians who proceeded to construct a pyramid on the Atlantean plain; a pyramid which was exactly similar to that constructed on the plains of ancient Lemuria some 140,000 years before that time. The story of the construction of this pyramid was later, through succeeding generations of earth people and handed down as they were, degenerated into legends not entirely accurate and with considerable element of mysticism. The typical 'Tower of Babel' story in the Old Testament was derived from this legend, i.e., the ancient tribes-people believed the Lemurians were building a tower to heaven, etc." And as mentioned before, pyramids aren't strictly an Egyptian phenomena; pyramids exist all over the world. I'm not entirely sure why Egyptian pyramids garner the most attention from fringe researchers, but I'll hazard a guess that it is because of the popularity of Egyptian religious concepts and mythology. Its esoteric connection to Atlantis and Lemuria might also serve as a point of interest for researchers who are interested in the mystical aspects of ancient history. And lastly, and possibly most importantly, a great number of people have a past-life connection to ancient Egypt and other ancient civilizations, so of course they would look upon its history for answers to their own subconscious questions and even their desires. Pyramids though, exist in nearly every part of the world. We even have a few here in the US that serve as tourist attractions, hotels, and even one that's a former missile silo in North Dakota. Once you really understand how common pyramids are, some of their once inherent mystique begins to fade away. Oh, they are still beautiful to behold, especially those made in antiquity, but they are man-made structures nonetheless. When asked further by a student about the pyramids, Dr. Norman left the following responses:

"Q – Regarding the pyramids in the Gobi Desert; were they built at the time of the Shamballas or since, as a result of that? The world seems to know very little of these things?

Norman – The large pyramid in China—the one to which you refer, the father of the other four or five, but the largest one in particular—was built about 150,000 years ago and was built under the direction of the Lemurian Masters who were, at that time, functioning from the continent of Lemuria in the middle of the Pacific, which was since sunk. That sank about 100,000 years ago with the conjunction of a nova, a free flying nova or star that exploded and hurled part of it past our solar system; that is all described in the book of Mars. That pyramid that these Lemurian Masters built became the father of all pyramids. The one in Giza was built about 82,000 years ago.

Q – There were also supposed to have been built, great pyramids on the North American continent during the glacial period, were there not?

Norman – Yes, indeed, for if we are to believe even a small part of these experiences—such as Joseph Smith, for instance, in digging up the gold plates in the Hill of Comora in New York state, the various mounds and various other edifices that have been left behind as earmarks-they might be evidences of that ground-up pile of stone which was once a pyramid.

Q – When these great edifices were built, didn’t they use the principle of materialization, etc. to construct them?

Norman – That is quite correct; levitation if you wish to call it that. They also used vibronics in its highest form to cut sectional stones; they used saws that were edged with diamonds. They used vibronics to break out huge sections of the cliff and they could change the structure of the stone so that two men could pick up one of the twenty-ton pieces and walk up to the top of the pyramid with it. They were all perfectly fired together through vibration and cemented together in that same way.

Q – There are still spiritual interpretations to be revealed through the pyramids, aren’t there?

Norman – Well, as far as spiritual interpretations are concerned in the pyramids, they mean a very vast and a wide margin or a variety of expressions to a number of people. We find an interpretation to the mathematician, to the astrophysicist; we also find interpretations there for people who are of the occult and metaphysical groups because it is a very widely diversified structure that was produced under a number of conditions. There is nothing about those great pyramids that does not exist in some branch of science. During the earthquake in 1861 or up until that time, there was at least partially over these pyramids, a coating of stone, a white alabaster material which was perfectly formed and that was later broken off to rebuild the shaken down city of Alexandria and some of the other cities. The whole history of the world from time immemorial was carved in hieroglyphs on the outside of those pyramids and which has all been lost. Unfortunately, however, the strong winds over the deserts have greatly eroded them; after 150,000 years they would be eroded. However, we are not necessarily confined to the pyramids as a source of knowledge of these previous conditions because we can sit right in our living rooms and get it if we so wish and have the faith and ability in our clairvoyant power. That’s getting it the hard way when they go out and tramp all over the desert with the camels and making big holes to find it. It is wonderful to see those things in the history books and they have their day and time and they can be duplicated in a thousand and one places in the various solar systems and in the astral worlds. We can see that type of thing functioning in other planets as well in full bloom as they were on the earth 100,000 years ago.We can also say up here in these Centers in these huge cities which I described to you that we can see these things in radiant energy where the student and the teacher go and study and express these things.

Q – What is inside the pyramids? They aren’t just all filled up, are they?

Norman – You know that will never be solved until they take those pyramids apart, literally piece by piece, because even the stones themselves hold secrets and are hollowed out. There is no instrumentation that I know of that can penetrate these solid rocks (such as detectors). There just are no appreciable tests. These people were very clever. Did you people see the movie of “The Egyptian”? They caused—through various processes like letting sand run out in holes, etc.,—great sections of stone to slide down these passageways in what seems to the present archaeologist like a solid structure but it is not solid at all. Way down underneath they are catacombed and they will be unearthed some day. There are the bodies of one hundred priests in a state of suspended animation who are living under those catacombs in Egypt today. They will re-enter their bodies someday to prove certain principles of life which are involved, perpetuating energy, as was explained to you."

- Lesson 6, The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation, Ernest L. Norman

So the mystery and wonderment around pyramids will always be there because the answers that we seek will always be just out of our reach, and abstract in some vague way. Even now there is new information that suggests that the pyramids weren’t built by slaves. Or at least not by slaves as we now know them to be. It has been suggested by archaeologists that the men who helped to construct the pyramids in ancient Egypt were working under good conditions, and their families were compensated very well for their efforts. An article “Great Pyramid Tomb Unearths Proof Workers were not Slaves” quotes the former director of Berlin’s Egyptian Museum, Dieter Wildung, who say it is, "common knowledge in serious Egyptology" that the pyramid builders were not slaves. The myth of the slaves building pyramids is only the stuff of tabloids and Hollywood," Wildung said. "The world simply could not believe the pyramids were built without oppression and forced labour, but out of loyalty to the pharaohs (Article).” And here we can see more of this manifestation through faith by the workers through the pharaohs, who led their people to create some of the most monumental and amazing structures in the world's history. But in that respect, when we see the pyramid we usually only consider the structure itself and we sometimes forget it is only one have of a larger whole. A pyramid, when complete and perfect, is more of diamond structure. As individuals and creations of the Infinite, we all function like pyramids; that is to say, as conduits for a Higher power. Much like the workers who believed in and followed the pharaohs, we must seek to understand the Father within and follow that wisdom of the Infinite so that we can become more creative, progressive and positively minded people.

Opening our minds up to inspiration through introspection, and finding our proper functions and and understanding of the interdimensional cosmos, and how we can react positively to its influence is the true key to understanding this super-consciousness that spiritual philosophers and emissaries are always talking about. In the book the Joining of Science and Spirit, by Ruth Norman (Uriel) and Charles Spaegel, the authors channel the following information: "Man (and woman) is a pyramid, to all intents and purposes, created upon the same basic principles in which pyramids have been engineered. A pyramid is an oscillator device. It is a giant generator device, which functions on the same basic principles as do all infinite devices It is an alternate current and functions by collecting information from the surrounding electromagnetic field. The engineers have built the pyramids by regenerating the frequency of the energies that have been accessed into the base of the pyramid. Then, through the oscillating principle of the frequency and harmonics the energies are regenerated to the positive pole at the topmost portion of this pyramid. Access to this part of the pyramid can be likened to the higher-self of man, which functions as a regenerating device. And by the very fact that an oscillation has been set up, and through other properties of this generating device, extends the information in well-planned and structured ways to project energy to a predicted location. Man functions in this way when he has learned of the engineering factors of his mental self, and has through evolutionary development, gained access to the higher quadrants of his pyramid-self.” The "pyramid-self" mentioned in the channeling is in reference to the super-conscious self.Once again the super-consciousness is our greatest resource.Connecting our minds to this “pyramid-self”, by striking a balance between body and spirit. In the Unariun Wheel of Life, as part of the symbologies used in Unarius, we have the symbol of the Double Triangle that represents the Second Ray (which in itself represents Teaching and Learning). There are several interpretations I’m sure, but as most symbols in the Wheel of Life have a dual nature, my interpretation would be that one of the Triangles represents the atomic corporal form of a person, while the other Triangle represents the spiritual and metaphysical form of a person. My connection of the Double Triangle, to the quote above,is on how understanding ourselves through self-discovery and reflection, so we can have a greater connection to this “pyramid-self”, which is another way of interpreting our super-consciousness,

Eye of Providence, Saint Joseph Church, Plain City, Ohio

The Eye of Providence (also known as the All-Seeing Eye) has been a universal symbol for a Supreme Being or God for centuries. The symbol is a triangle with an eye in the center of it, and it is usually emanating “light” outwardly. It is also very prominent on the backside of the $1 bill. It is common to see this symbol in Christian, Catholic, and Latter Day Saint churches, some synagogues, Masonic lodges, and other places of worship. In Catholic paintings you can also see the anthropomorphized God with a triangle shaped halo around his head, and the triangle itself has been taken as a symbol for the Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit). I'm not a fan of this humanized God in concept, but as a symbol (like the Eye of Providence) I think it serves its purpose to illustrate a point about balance. In a previous post I spoke about balance through the Unarius Wheel of Life, and the Seven Rays, and I stated that proper stability was needed to help us find that connection to that better part of ourselves so that we can live progressive and positives lives. The pyramid, as symbolized by the triangle in the Eye of Providence is a symbol of that stability. So, if the pyramid/triangle of is symbolic of stability, then the "Eye" in the Eye of Providence could be construed as a crystal, or lens, that radiates energy from the Fountainhead, or God. However you wish to interpret this radiating power from the Eye of Providence is up to you and your own faculties, but to me this energy from the crystalline Eye is symbolic of Infinite Knowledge, which leads to creation. But that's just my interpretation; what's most important is your own. To a great number of people the Eye of Providence is synonymous with nefarious agencies, conspiracy, and a malevolent overshadowing force. I have my views on that, but I will save them for another time. When we start to consider the Infinite cosmos in a broader sense, we have to understand that we, and by “we” I mean humanity as a whole, aren’t the only intelligent beings in existence because everything that exists does so through Intelligence. All things in the world of ours contain intelligence, even the inanimate, because they are connected by the Infinite Creative Intelligence that man calls God. Intelligence itself is expressed in all ways, and I feel that the two most humble of God's creatures are plants and minerals. Both exist simply to give and share with us and other animate creatures. The topic on plants and their lives I will save for a future post, but as for minerals, stones, and crystals I will begin to touch upon them more now as they seem to be frequently associated with pyramids. The great inventor and cosmic visionary Nikola Tesla mentioned crystals in his book The Problem of Increasing Human Energy (With Special References in Harnessing the Sun’s Energy, where he states, “In a crystal we have the clear evidence of the existence of a formative life-principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is none the less a living being. There may be, besides crystals, other such individualized, material systems of beings, perhaps of gaseous constitution, or composed of substance still more tenuous. In view of this possibility, nay, probability, we cannot apodictically deny the existence of organized beings on a planet merely because the conditions on the same are unsuitable for the existence of life as we conceive it. We cannot even, with positive assurance, assert that some of them might not be present here, in this our world, in the very midst of us, for their constitution and life manifestation may be such that we are unable to perceive them.” 

 When it comes to crystals, people who are unfamiliar with the research and practice done by spiritualists might just think of chunks of quartz, or onyx, etc., but really there are so many different kinds of crystals that we all use in our daily lives in our food, supplements, and even within technology. Watches and older televisions use crystals as part of their mechanisms, and salt is a vital nutrient in our diets. As part of our Western culture, diamonds are used in marriage ceremonies as wedding rings. Prior to this new tradition, it was customary to give one’s birthstone as an offering for marriage. Within the field of esoteric studies, crystals have been thought to evoke some sort of mystical healing energy, or as a conduit for a greater universal understanding or power. In the field of crystallography, the study of the creation of and the function of crystals, they have even begun to create man made diamonds that are so near perfect there is almost no way to distinguish them from diamonds made in nature. So, as you can imagine, with all this, it can be understood that something as simple and as beautiful as a crystal can be studied from millions of perspectives; and that is why they are so interesting.To try and understand the nature of crystals and their function in spiritual healing, I decided to ask my friend Aria Vaillancourt. Aria is an artist, a metaphysical philosopher, a YouTuber, jewelry designer, and a builder of spiritual tools. Since she works professionally with crystals, I thought maybe she could give me a different perspective than my own.

How did you first get interested in crystals and their spiritual functions?
Aria: I first became interested in crystals because my grandfather worked in the mining industry and was a collector. They were around from a young age. Around 14, I started studying the scientific properties of crystals and wanted to become a geologist. Researching crystals online is what led to my discovery that they had metaphysical properties. Being raised with a spiritual background kept my mind open to the possibility of crystal being able to heal and affect consciousness. From there, the interest grew out of curiosity.

How do crystals work in regards to spiritual and physical healing?
Aria: Most of it is psychological. Sort of like a placebo. Objects have the significance we assign to them. So it begins with our perception of what the crystals will do for us, and the intentions we set while working with them. That sets the stage for the spiritual and physical experience. Crystals emit color, as well as frequency. Each crystal embodies its own unique molecular structure, therefore, each one is said to access a unique realm of "consciousness" or "energy". The crystalline structure and the geometric lattice of the molecules is key. Crystals are highly conductive, on a physical and spiritual level. They can be used to store transmit, and receive data /energy. They work similar to computer code: input and output, except each crystal targets a specific area of the body or level of consciousness. Depending on the structure of the crystal and the metals and minerals found within it (these are the cause for the color), each crystal will have a range of frequencies it will resonate with. When it is in an environment where resonance occurs, the conductive properties of the crystals are amplified. When the crystals are in environments which are dissonant to their energy, they can be programmed to behave in several ways: one way is to begin the change the energy around it into something which will resonate. Another way is for the crystal to absorb the conflicting energy of the person or environment and transmute it.

Do you think it takes a particular type of personality for crystal energy to work?
Aria: Yes and no. The presence of a crystal in a place will ALWAYS affect the energy around it. However, when working with people, specifically, it is better if the person is more receptive to the energies. If any "type" of person is required for the energy to work, it is most likely one who is open to any experience of receiving and feeling energy. However, I have witnessed cases where there are people who are completely closed to anything spiritual or metaphysical, who have undergone profound experiences with crystal healing and have had their life changed.

And lastly, how important do you think a mental connection is needed for crystal work? Also, do you have any opinions on pyramids and pyramid work?
Aria: A mental connection is necessary, in my opinion. That's the most fundamental part. Crystals are about a mental emotional connection, and how one would relate back to the body through this. The effects the mind has upon the physical world cannot be underestimated. Crystals do not heal a broken bone, but the peace and bliss which a crystal can bring to the mind can help relax the body and bolster the immune system to promote healing. Pyramids are fantastic to work with. They are powerful holders and emitters of energy. Their ability to store energy and amplify the output into a singular, focused ray is their highest value.

Aria believes, the same as I do, that a mental and psychic connection is vitally important when working with crystals. Crystals are so simple but so mysterious because they symbolize something both perfect and abstract. They are both rare, but common place. Simple but also beautiful. As a humanity, we all wish we could be something like a crystal, but we usually forget that we are like crystals in that we are something perfect in a finite form. God, the Infinite Creative Intelligence is the crystal within us all. We are perfect in the sense that we are part of something much larger, and something beyond our current corporal selves. "The Infinite Creative Intelligence can be, in some sense, in a very crude manner, painted as a giant Crystal. And if it would help you at all visualize this Crystal as a Lens of gigantic proportions, and even relate it to picture of the Milky Way Galaxy. To extend this picture to the universe as it is presently known by the scientific community of 200 billion galaxies, it will serve to give you some larger picture of Infinity. This Crystal therefore, is at a higher station beyond the conceivable capacity of humankind, at least those who are held in the throes of earth consciousness, limited by the dimensional frequencies of his present consciousness." (On Pyramid and Crystals, The Joining of Science and Spirit)

Various Catholic paintings with the Trinity Halo

The Eye of Providence appears again as a triangle shaped halo around a physical embodiment of God in various Catholic paintings. The triangle halo is meant to invoke the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Although I can't say for certain, I feel that paintings like these are to blame for the anthropomorphic God as an individual deity. And, I also feel that most perceptions on what God is reflects the superstitions, hopes, and fears, of humanity. When something good happens to us, we praise God, when we are in pain, we say God is punishing us. The Unariun perspective is God, the Infinite Creative Intelligence, is beyond any and all comprehension. God is not a personalized deity, or any sort of reflection of a human, but rather the Infinite exists in a position that is beyond existence itself. God encompasses all, and we exist as small sparks of God. The super-consciousness is our connection to this Infinite Creative Intelligence, and is the true source for all of our metaphysical thought. Humanizing God in any capacity limits what the Infinite can do; and to that extent we are the Infinite in finite form. The deities and spirits of our earth's ancient past needed to be worshiped, and they required sacrifices and tributes to them because that is how they maintained their strength and power over people. If they were not properly cared for by their believers, they would lose power and perish. The Infinite Creative Intelligence is beyond all of those things, and Dr. Norman states that very clearly in Tempus Procedium, in his chapter entitled Cyclic Interplay Part Three; "God is not a deity; He is not to be worshiped. He does not need your prayers and felicitations; neither is He dependent upon your loyalty. Just as He constructed you through the evolutionary process, He did so with His own substance — energy, if you please. And in this construction and evolution, He does hold the Principle of Creative Regeneration one of paramount importance. He is higher not emotionally concerned with you. There are countless billions of inhabited planets; each person an infinitesimally small particle, all going through the same regenerative process. This regenerative process is a progressive principle; if you do not so evolve progressively, you will degenerate progressively. The choice is yours. You cannot hold onto your earth life forever. You will surely perish if you do. Only by progressively attuning yourself, will you become an immortal person. Right at the present time you are in a very precarious position. Your present and former earth lives are still the dominant force in your life because that is really all there is of you, save just a little bit of polarized super-conscious which you have somehow acquired through numerous life experiences. That little cell of super-conscious is your Christ. It is the only thing between you and total destruction. It is the only guiding Light to help you survive the material worlds. It is your own little personal treasure chest of treasures which you have laid up in Heaven. No, rust and moth will not corrupt them, but well you may, if you renege. Don’t depend upon nebulous promises of salvation made by ministers and priests who may be even more fearsome than you are — who may, in their preachments, be attempting to placate the awful gnawing fear within their hearts. Like a drunkard trying to drown his sorrow they, too, are trying to drown their fears, born from ignorance and superstition by a superimposed edifice of divinity, flowing robes, altars and incense."

To understand God, as an Infinite Creative Intelligence is to try and understand an abstract reality, and to see through our "third-eye". The physical nature of our super-consciousness is directly linked to our bodies through the endocrine system. You can think of our endocrine system as a physical view of our chakra system; energy is regulated through the hypothalamus and pineal gland throughout the body where glands secrete chemicals that regulate our emotions and how our bodies react to certain stimulates (both inward and outwardly). In Healing Stoned, by Julia Lorusso and Joel Glick, they write about the effect of crystals on the endocrine system by stating that "The major transition on the earthly plane of man's existence is transforming the mental center of the concrete mind mind into a flowing, fully functioning correlated unit going between this and the higher levels of consciousness or the intuitive mind. To do this requires basic major revisions and alterations of the whole endocrine system of present-day mankind. Much of the symptomatic distress associated with the most vicious "killers" of man such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc., are in reality signals of a rapidly changing and highly reactive physical organism that is being altered to withstand higher particles of finer matter and energies. The endocrine balance is at the central core of the transformation being achieved and this is why the most vital and important gems and minerals reinforce and assist these enormous and multifaceted changed. The physical key to man's attainment lies in the endocrines and no one can avoid the awesome and ofttimes radical effects occurring especially in this nuclear age of bombardment, almost literally speaking.”As crystal and pyramid energy are both said to have an affect on our body’s energy field, and our chakras, this would be a good a place as any to really understand what the third-eye is, and how does it relate back to crystals, pyramids, and the super-consciousness.

The Eye of Horus, which is often compared and to said to be the Egyptian version of the Eye of Providence, was usually a talisman or amulet found buried in tombs with mummified bodies. At face value, it was interpreted to resemble an eye, and the talisman was usually placed on the abdomen after the removal of the organs. In the story The Contendings of Horus and Seth, we learn that Horus (a Sky God usually depicted as a bird) had his eyesight cured so now his eye represented healing. In the story, Horus offers his eye to his dead father, Seth, to bring him back to life. So the Eye of Horus is a symbol of healing, as far as we know, in ancient Egypt. Recent interpretations of the Eye of Horus find similarities with the pineal gland and pituitary gland and point to a connection to the endocrine system, and what has been called “third eye”. Recently, you will find that there are various and multiple articles claiming that the Eye of Horus and its association with the pineal gland is the “Greatest Coverup in History” or some nonsense like that. Much like the recent interpretation of the Creation of Adam, by Michelangelo being a brain. No one can say for certain what went through the minds who created these symbols or edifices, and so we should acknowledge them as interpretations that might point to a certain kind of truth. Since we all experience art differently, someone might have a different view on these matters, or might just chalk them up as to coincidence. Personally, I like these interpretations because we gets those who might be new to these concepts to think more inwardly and introspectively about themselves and this sorts of esoteric concepts. The pineal gland and its relationship to the third-eye is not a cover up in any sense. The pineal gland has been known to be the access point to the third-eye for as long as metaphysical philosophers have been in existence. What is less known I think is how the pineal gland is fed information through the hypothalamus from our super-consciousness to empower our endocrine system, chakras, and our entire physical and psychic-bodies.

Birth of Man Brain.jpg
Birth of Man “Brain Interpretation”

The “third eye” is associated with paranormal sight, and a connection with a “higher state of consciousness”. The pituitary gland is said to be the physical “third eye” and if we care for it and try to access it properly, we can see beyond our human reality. The third eye can sometimes be reflected physically through powerful mediums and clairvoyants. The Unarius Moderator, Dr. Ernest L. Norman would develop a circular welt on his forehead that was called the “Eye of Mohammed” whenever he would channel information from the Higher Realms of Unarius. Mohammed being of course the prophet of the Muslim faith, and the author who wrote the Koran by speaking with the “angels of heaven”. Dr. Norman would often say that he is no different, or better than anyone else. Like all the great emissaries, prophets, and what have you, Norman would say that we are all capable of doing what he has done. We all have that ability of this mystic third eye, but it would seem it takes time to develop. And funny enough, when it does develop properly, it will appear as a natural response or reflex like breathing and we won’t recall a time we didn’t have this ability.. In the Pathway to the Stars Q&A section of Lesson 2, of the Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation, a student asked Dr. Norman about the third eye:

Dr. Norman’s “Eye of Mohammed”

"Q - Is it always other intelligences who guide? Is it not your own Christ within?

A - Indeed, this Christ consciousness is our goal. That is right, but we very often do need help. Down here in this little old terrestrial planet, we very often need guidance until we have reached the place where we can function from the super-consciousness at all times. When we reach that point the yogi calls "Nirvana" we no longer need to reincarnate into this karmic world. We could not live five minutes unless we have this inflow from the Infinite energy through the hypothalamus from the higher dimensions. That energy supports every atom in your body, supports your intelligence, and supports many other things in your life today of which the scientist does not yet know.

Q - Is that the third eye?

A - The hypothalamus, which works closely with the pituitary, is at the base of the brain. You have the pineal out in the front center. It is the so-called third eye. Some ancient fish are supposed to have it; bats and many insects also have this strong directive force of the pineal gland. But the pituitary, or hypothalamus, links the voluntary with the involuntary actions of the coordinated system of your body. You could not consciously cause your heart to fluctuate or cause it to stop; but if you have a sudden impact of fear your heart will fluctuate due to the fact that you have generated so much dynamic energy in your brain cells through the impact of fear in the natural, normal processes of relationship, that some of it spills over. It is regenerated into other frequency spectrums which are connected into the hypothalamus, which causes your heart to palpitate.

A - Where do the adrenals come in?

Q - They are all part of that particular force Now the adrenals and various other ductless glands of the system function much the same as does your hypothalamus, in other worlds and in other dimensions. They are related to your higher-self and are stimulated from the internal psychic forces of which the present-day doctor knows nothing. This lack of knowledge is the reason for the inability to heal disease. The doctors just do not know the answers to these things. The adrenals and the various other glands are connected just as are the atoms with the isotopes into higher dimensions and they function from the higher dimensions. The psychic-body is in a higher dimension. When scientists get this secret of the psychic-body they will be able to cure all the malformations which are now called incurable The diseases will disappear like magic."

Ruth Norman, URIEL

 Ruth Norman, co-founder of Unarius and the wife of Dr. Ernest L. Norman, was also a powerful clairvoyant and great teacher. After Dr. Norman’s transition into the Higher Realms, Ruth Norman took the helm as Moderator and New World Teacher of Unarius and continued the pioneer work into spiritual healing, which has always been the core curriculum of the Unarius liturgies. Ruth Norman, overtime, made a strong connection to her Higher-self, the Archangel URIEL (Universal Radiant Infinite Eternal Light). It was when she made this connection she came to realize that her Inner-self, the URIEL consciousness if you will, was working with the Masters and Adepts in the Higher Dimensions to create the Lens. The Lens is in itself a giant supercomputer that is made up of the Infinite Minds of millions of Higher Interdimensional Beings, and the super-consciousness of Uriel. The Lens was a tool for spiritual healing, for guidance, for interdimensional communication and mediumship. “There is a very magnificent, wonderful device we have called the Lens. It is a great configuration of crystal which has been created of Infinite Mind Energies. The size is larger than the largest planet. Now this has been created over countless thousands of years. Now this is our reservoir from which we can draw all the information we need. You are welcome to use this. All you need to do is request of this Lens.“ (Tesla Speaks vol. 5, talking with Benan of planet Ka) There is no direct methodology or transcendental way to access the Lens other than through proper attunement. Literally, you can ask the Len’s for assistance and it will give you what you need, but you must find the proper frequency to sync up with. When you attune your own super-conscious to the Lens you will receive the healing energies or intelligence that you require. Residing in its own Higher Dimension, and Infinitely powered by the many Masters and the super-consciousness of URIEL, the Lens is a tool for universal and interdimensional understanding. It can be accessed by anyone in the universe for guidance, and it is always radiating healing energy throughout the Infinite universe.

 I bring up the URIEL’s Lens, and Dr. Noman’s Eye of Mohammed to illustrate a point; our third-eye and “pyramid-self”/super-consciousness is not within any physical tool, it’s within every human being in our world. Regardless what you call this higher form of consciousness, it has to be realized that it is not unique to a select few. Through perseverance to understand ourselves, our past-lives, and our place in the Infinite universe, we can strengthen the vision of our own Inner crystal lens. Our minds and bodies are the pyramid, and our super-consciousness and connection to the Infinite Creative Intelligence is the crystal. When we live positively and use our abilities to really understand the power behind these tools that we all have. Making that connection to any conduit be it pyramid, crystal, wand, or even more advanced technologies, a connection to the super-consciousness is the most important first step to understanding how to properly manifest the metaphysical into the physical.

pyramid eye.gif

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