Saturday, April 23, 2016

Studying the Seven Rays of Unarius: The Wheel of Life

As I stated in a previous blog entry, the Seven Rays are a metaphysically ancient concept that have been interpreted and reinterpreted a million times by every metaphysical student and spiritual organization. Without question, this is a topic that means a great deal to everyone walking on a spiritual journey. In my last post on this topic I tried my best to give a brief overview on the very basics of the Seven Rays and how they connect to the chakra systems as according to the many old interpretations that are relevant still to this day. A common interpretation that still exists today is that the chakra system is segmented into various points that also connect to portions of "ascension" or "enlightenment". The idea is if you can get your chakra or energy points in balance then you can reach a sort of inner peace or even enlightenment itself. People often use yoga for this, but there are also those who use crystals for their energies, or change their diets, or the use of color therapy, etc., in order to correct the balance in their energy system. Now, that's all well and good, and it may very well lead to some sort of positive result, but I have always felt that there has always been a more potent and intelligent way of reaching this sort of inner peace. It is a never-ending process connected to our self-mastery

The Unarius texts talk about the Wheel of Life, also known as the Seven Rays. The Seven Rays connect not only to our physical and metaphysical bodies, but also to Seven Celestial Worlds formerly known as Shamballah, but which is now known as Unarius. These worlds are inhabited by a Brotherhood of Cosmic and Lighted Beings who are guiding the people of our world, and other worlds, in more positively biased directions. In spirituality there is talk of personal guardian angels, but in Unarius we believe that all people are overshadowed not just by one singular angel, but by millions of them. We are never alone in our interdimensional universe, and we are always on a quest for self-improvement so we can evolve and ascend to the next level. The Brotherhood of Unarius is on the same quest as they would never consider themselves perfect beings either; they too are always striving to ascend higher and evolve as well. The Seven Celestial Worlds exist in the Fourth Dimension, where time and space are infinite, and even they are questing to enter even Higher Dimensional Realms of their own. They are no different than us in many respects, and they have lived among us in our world as some of the greatest men and women in our history.

(c) Unarius Academy of Science

We call it the "Wheel of Life" because they all function simultaneously in cycles that empower us and guide us throughout our life on this planet. In Unarius, we do not designate a Ray or Color with any particular part of the body, much like you see in the above diagram of the classical chakra system, but rather all of this comes in through our hypothalamus from a higher dimension. The Seven Rays of Unarius are interdimensional energies that guide and offer spiritual healing to anyone to is in need. The colors associated with the Rays, as well as their symbols, serve a dual purpose. The colors are to describe to us that each Ray is different and independent of the others, but also so we can better visual them as energy forces. Really though, the colors themselves have no power but the Rays themselves have an interdimensional force behind them connected to the Seven Celestial Worlds.

The symbols represent something common in our world that is both tangible and intangible.  The symbol for Elysium for example, is the Incense Urn; the Urn represents the physical atomic body, while the smoke of the incense represents the spirit. The symbol for Venus is that of a White Cross, which represents a balance of body and soul, as does the Double Triangle of Orion. Each symbol can be translated like this. The understanding of the duality of our existence as being both atomic and non-atomic, physical and metaphysical, is integral to understanding our purpose in our world, and how we function as energy beings. We have to come to terms and see that existence isn't what we perceive it to be, and that life and reality is far more abstract than what we have come to know.  When you combine the symbol, which represents a balance of body and soul, with the color of the Ray, which symbolizes a force of intention from a Higher Realm, you will understand why the Wheel of Life is a vital field of study. 

Every individual functions in their own unique way and is on their own unique pathway of life, so the extrapolation from these Seven Rays might come in differently for everyone. Since Unarius is a mental and psychokinetic based science, attunment is all that is needed for finding guidance from the Elder Brothers of Unarius, but attunement with your super-consciousness or "higher-self" takes practice. It should be a natural development as well. No hypnosis or physical tools like  crystal balls or pendulums are needed for it.  In another previous blog post, I talked about "pyramid" and "crystal" power as it relates to the super-consciousness and the power of the mind. In the article, the "pyramid" is represented by the super-consciousness, while the "crystal lens" is the third-eye, or rather our perception of higher metaphysical concepts. It is through this process where we can visualize what it is like to make attunement with our Elder Brothers of Unarius and so we can absorb the energy from the Seven Rays in hopes that we can find the inspiration we desire and need to evolve into greater people.

And it isn't some sort of rare paranormal ability that only a certain few people in the universe possess; we all have it. To gain attunement with the Brotherhood of Unarius might take a bit of practice, but if you keep your senses open to that still small voice that guides us all you will be on the right track in making contact with Higher Beings. I would also recommend studying the Unarius books as they carry with them a high vibration of positive energy. It is important to try and understand the Unariun Interdimensional Concept as a foundation for your studies as well through the Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation, by Ernest L. Norman. Lastly, if you would like to visual these Seven Celestial Worlds yourself, read the Pulse of Creation (also known as the "Voice Of.." series) for a full description of each of this amazing worlds.