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A little bit on Nikola Tesla - A Cosmic Visionary and Interdimensional Emissary

Nikola Tesla is not only an important figure in the teachings of Unarius, but an important figure in the history of the world, giving us so much of our modern technological conveniences and advanced sciences. Unarius has praised Tesla for his efforts since the very beginning. Dr. Norman mentions Tesla very frequently throughout his lectures on interdimensional science, and with Ruth Norman we learn of Tesla's Higher Self of the Archangel Michiel, one of the four members of the Hierarchy of the Universe. Through Tesla's various past-lives in our world we can trace the roots of his influence from our modern era back to the days of Atlantis and Lemuria, and reaching to other planets and other dimensions.
"Nikola Tesla, cosmic visionary—one who has Inner Perception or Cosmic Consciousness—was one of the most prolific scientific inventors of our time. Like Leonardo Da Vinci, Tesla, with his highly developed inner and higher senses, was truly ahead of his time. His mission in life, as a scientist, of the highest order, was to open a new cosmic window, advancing our sciences into futuristic new dimensions. Tesla energy science was to introduce technologies that worked in harmony with nature, without harming the environment.
Electricity, the life force of our civilization, is generated and distributed today as Alternating Current (AC); it was developed by Tesla over 100 hundred years ago. With over 700 patents, his technologies brought us from the horse & buggy days of generating energy into a new era of harnessing and understanding electricity. He could be rightfully called the inventor of the 20th century and beyond. His vision of the future, coupled with his unique style of inventing, produced hundreds of practical devices as well as the beginning of a great new expansion of physics leading to a new science—one broaching a new paradigm of harnessing higher dimensions of energy.
Many of Tesla's ideas and patents were very advanced; they remain for the future generations of scientists to unravel. Presently, there is renewed excitement about Nikola Tesla; especially now in the present 2006 with higher gas and oil costs, many are turning to the father of free energy and earnestly seeking alternative means to generate clean energy as well as revive the electric car. Tesla, often attempted to introduce, into our society, totally new ways of producing electrical power—steering us away from long term dependency on oil; however his new ideas were not accepted in his own time. In spite of this, Tesla did not allow himself to become a bitter, resentful nor a negative person! Because of his advanced Inner Perception and spiritual nature, he often remarked that his ideas—not readily accepted—would be taken up by future generations. He said, "The scientific man does not aim at an immediate result. He does not expect that his advanced ideas will be readily taken up. His work is like that of a planter—for the future. His duty is to lay foundation of those who are to come and point the way. 
There was a great deal of opposition to Teslas' ideas; his spirit was one of a discoverer and inventornot a materialist interested in huge profits! Against tremendous odds, Nikola Tesla dedicated his life to the task of designing and improving technology for the service and spiritual advancement of all humanity." - Tesla Energy

Tesla is an overshadowing force within the teachings of Unarius, and his influence has always been a leading pushing the Earth in a more positive direction, especially with the amazing technology he has shared with us from the Higher Dimensions of life. In the future I want to write more about Tesla, his influence, and his past-lives, but I think that for now sharing the video and the article below will be a solid foundation to expound on in the future.

(c) Unarius Academy of Science

Nikola Tesla's Bold Adventure 
Strange Experiments Conducted by an Electronic Wizard at the turn of the Century
By Harry L. Goldman
The American West
March, 1971
Page numbers: 4-9
Reprinted in  Unarius: A Biographical History Volume One
"On the afternoon of May 17, 1899, inventor Nikola Tesla stepped from the train at Colorado Springs obsessed with electrifying the earth. The elite of Little London turned out to a welcome the stranger from New York City and they were not disappointed - Tesla was a striking figure. His tall slenderness, wavy black hair, piercing gray eyes, and European mannerisms never failed to capture the emotions of those about him. 
Of the several dignitaries who made it their business to be on hand, few were able to comprehend the significance of Tesla's visit. It was not long before the electrical wizard was able to give his audience a traumatic demonstration of his purpose.  
Of the thousands who reached these shores in 1884, destiny marked Nikola Tesla, an immigrant from Yugoslavia, as one who would soon stand out from the crowd. Within the span of fifteen years, the ambitious inventor bestowed upon his adopted country a prodigious number of scientific achievements and accomplishments. 
He not only gave us our present system of alternating current power transmission, but also the invaluable a.c. motor, ideas and apparatus for industrial induction heating, and welding, diathermy, with its medical applications, synchronous time mechanisms, gaseous tube lighting as in neon and fluorescent bulbs, as well as x-ray apparatus and techniques for their employment. Furthermore, Tesla established a considerable amount of groundwork for radio communications and related fields including the science of radio-guided missiles. 
At the turn of the century, when colleagues were directing their attention to moderate distance code communications, Tesla was feverishly anticipating a method of broadcasting music, speech, pictures, and newspapers to all parts of the globe. According to the inventor, his "World System" of communications would not only interconnect telegraph, telephone, and stock ticker services, but would also provide the benefits of safe and accurate navigation without the aid of compasses. Clocks throughout the world would require little attention as their operation could be radio-controlled from a master station. In addition, he claimed that it would provide personal telephone communications between parties, regardless of distance, with an incredible device small enough to be carried in one's pocket.
As though this were not enough, Tesla's World System was to incorporate the transmission of electric power without the aid of wires. Swaggering in his own inimitable manner of grandeur, the inventor predicted the feasibility of running street cars of London and lighting the lamps of Paris by the power generated by Niagara. The implications of such a reality fermented a passion which bordered on the threshold of physical pain. "Humanity will be like an ant heap stirred up with a stick", cried the impetuous Tesla. "See the excitement coming!" 
Tesla's New York experiments had become restricted by the physical limitations of his Houston Street laboratory. The four-million volt lightning-like discharges produced by his electrical transformers struck ceilings and walls. It was impossible for him to apply practical tests to his wireless transmission theory without accommodations more in proportion to the enormity of his imagination.  
Evidently, Tesla's fame and stories of his scientific achievements had preceded him in his journey to the West. His arrival created quite a stir in bustling community known "for its cosmopolite and high bred people" as well as "its reputation of always doing the right thing at the right time." Noting Tesla's arrival, the Colorado Springs Gazette (May 28) declared, "This week has been noticeable for the presence of distinguished personages in Colorado Springs. Tesla, the electrician, second only to Edison, if indeed to anyone,* is establishing his scientific headquarters here and will settle the question of wireless telegraphy in the weeks to come." News reporters badgered the inventor about his scientific achievements and for information pertinent to his presence in Colorado.
Tesla satisfied their curiosity by informing them that he proposed 'to send a message from Pike's Peak to Paris.'  
The author of this book does not assume responsibility as to the accuracy of this statement, "second only to Edison," although this was the common understanding at the time. Edison himself gives a dissertation (through psychic transmission) in "Tesla Speaks" Vol. 2 (1973) giving Tesla credit for the many inventions initially inspired by Tesla, the genius behind it all. "