About This Blog

"The age of fourth dimensional logic and reason is fast approaching. But for certain reasons based on the surcharge and the discharge of previous unmapped territory of the mind, there was an unwillingness to confront those social forces that had developed beyond and above the concern of man's developmental nature, to add to the consensus of interdimensional knowledge of man's place in the universe. Therefore, innovations in mathematical theory and linguistics, in astrophysics, cosmology, and philosophy, have become a minor factor within the larger established framework of attitudes that make up the present social systems of planet Earth." - Ruth Norman, Interdimensional Physics The Mind and The Universe
This blog is a way for me to show my notes and express my thoughts on the universal understanding of interdimensional science and teachings of Unarius. I plan on writing articles based on concepts presented by the founders of Unarius, Ernest L. & Ruth E. Norman, and trying to find outside sources that help me understand what I believe they are trying to convey. I will also be adding my own thoughts an ideas in hopes to expand on what already exists within the liturgies of Unarius, in hopes of finding my own personal connection to them. In general I want this blog to serve as a resource for anyone trying to understand the liturgies of Unarius and the spiritual dynamics of the interdimensional universe.

Ruth Norman, URIEL
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