About Me


               I started investigating the connections between spirituality, the paranormal, and the "real world" at a very young age. When I was in elementary school my hero was Albert Einstein, and I read adult level books and biographies on him and his theories. I followed tabloid newspapers, watched all sorts of strange television programming like documentaries on cryptids, ghosts, UFO's, and other strange phenomena. I also studied some fringe history and some conspiracy theories for fun as well. Whenever I was asked why I spent so much time researching this sort of thing, I would always respond, "because it's interesting". Paranormal concepts force the viewer/reader/experiencer to think more critically, and help expand and strengthen the imagination. As a child and teenager, I had no idea what I was really pursuing, but I knew it was worth my time. 

               My early twenties I lived in denial of my true nature, and because of bad influences that surrounded my life, I ignored my passions. I didn't rediscover my spiritual life until my late twenties and that's when I began to feel whole again. I returned to college and began studying philosophy, while at the same time I returned to traditional religion for a short stint before I discovered Unarius and the works of Ernest L. Norman and Ruth E. Norman. It was during this time my true perspective began to grow, my curiosity led me to various theological, mythological, and ideological ways of thought and viewing our reality. More importantly, I've met some amazing people who are just like me and understand the abstract nature of existence much like I've come to know it. It has been an amazing and wondrous journey up until now and I know it will only continue. 

             In late 2012, I had a vision during meditation (or rather through attunement), where I was able to reconnect with my true nature and see things through my own higher consciousness. It was short and simple, but it was very profound for me and my world view. I saw in my "mind's eye"(as they say) the visage of three Starships, and I like to think of it as a welcoming or a sign that I was taking a step in the right direction. I made a personal connection with something special and I've had amazing things happen to me since then as well. I've dedicated my life to exploring metaphysics through all perspectives so I can better understand our world and the people who inhabit it, and to reconnect with a universal community. It was with this vision that I decided to make contact with the Unarius Academy of Science, and really begin my metaphysical studies in a more serious way.

            This blog will be my small way of sharing with others my thoughts and views on metaphysics and how spirituality shapes our world. I will also be sharing my notes as a student of Unarius in hopes of inspiring others to pursue their own spiritual pathways.