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Fernando D. Morris (left), CEO of Searl Magnetics, Inc. and foremost S.E.G R&D Engineer, and Professor John Roy Robert Searl (right), the Inventor and President of Searl Magnetics, Inc. and Searl Aerospace Corporation.

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John Searl, whose colleagues held an event with the Unarius Academy of Science some time back, is a long time pioneer of alternative energy generators, with his famous (but also infamous) Searl Effect Generator being the centerpiece to his theories. The Searl Effect Generator and John Searl himself are very well documented by the press on a global level. John Searl himself was a self taught engineer who was awarded the title of "Professor" in Germany back in 1960 by a prestigious university in honor of his contributions to the field. Searl, who suffered great hardship in his life, owes the inspiration to his invention to a dream he had as a young child which he continuously interpreted for his own personal exploration and his Law of Squares. This sort of guidance is one example of attunement through the sciences. Whatever your opinion of John Searl and his Searl Effect Generator, you have to admire him for his persistent exploration of an alternative technology in the same vain as Nikola Tesla and his inventions.

(c) Searl Technology

(c) Searl Technology

From Nikola Tesla to John Searl, Inventing Our Positive Future, Part 1
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From Nikola Tesla to John Searl, Inventing Our Positive Future, Part 2
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(c)Searl Magnetics

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Similarly, a device using Prof. Searl's research, and the research of Dr, Paul M. Brown (which involved "Kinetic Magnetism") is in development from Spintronics, Inc., a Florida based company who has a patent pending for their Spintronic Generator in the US. Sprintronics Inc., and Searl Magnetics have a working relationship.
"Spintronic Generator 
WO 2015031872 A1  
A spintronic generator that provides electrical power with the motive force of natural electron spin. The utilization of natural electron spin can be enhanced with carefully matched materials, weights, and magnetic wave-forms which provide precise pulsed frequencies in resonance with the materials. This resonance of the magnetic pulses provides clean abundant power. A utilization of the Zero Point Energy results in a local environment temperature drop which can be one of the sources of motive force. The harvesting of electricity can be via standard induction pick up coils controlled by direct current motor controllers using an LRC tank circuit."