Star Center Atlantis

The initial Study Group will focus on exploring the Unariun Atlantis Cycle, as revealed through the texts of the Unarius Academy of Science. It will also serve as an introduction to core Unariun concepts, foundational Unariun works, and key Unariun practices. The Study Group will be a comprehensive instructional, interactive and immersive experience. It will utilize a variety of modalities to impart information. 

We meet monthly in New Jersey. Depending on our schedule we meet either in Tenafly or Demarest. Come join us if you are in the area!

Tenafly, NJ

Yasou Mykonos
134 Hardenburgh Ave
Demarest, New Jersey 07627
(201) 768-8500

Upcoming Events & Classes in 2016

"While we're building Star Center Atlantis and developing its Unariun & Mark-Age Atlantean curriculums, I'm offering the following courses at Fair Lawn Community Education."

Fair Lawn Community School
Fair Lawn High School
14-00 Berdan Avenue
Fair Lawn, New Jersey 07410
(201) 794-5450 X 2369
Wednesdays 7-8 pm

The Mythic Tradition
The Mythic Tradition offers a comprehensive introduction to the living spiritual stream and psychic landscape that nurtures and guides Western Civilization. Each individual Workshop also offers practical Realm-Specific guidelines for those wishing to interact directly with the Mythic Dimensions of our reality.
The Mythic Tradition: An Introduction
An introduction to Olympian Shamanism and the Mythic Tradition. Includes a guided tour of the Olympian Elemental Realms, the Powers that rule them and some of the many mythical denizens that dwell therein.
The Centaur's Cave
Identify your Heroic template, claim your divine gifts and follow your own unique path. Dedicate your service to the betterment of your self, your loved ones, and the greater human community.
Path Of The Hero
The heroic tales of Greco-Roman mythology contain a wealth of information on inner strength, psychic combat and self-defense. In this Workshop you will learn the basics for protecting yourself and your world from unwelcomed and unseen influences.
Gods And Totems
Use Greco-Roman Mythology to discover, partner with, and deploy your Power Animal. Visit the wilds of Arcadia and the Isle of Circe the Enchantress.
Power Of The Gods
We are all children of Olympus and the power to create is part of our divine heritage. Learn how to claim that power then apply it toward transforming your world!
The Astral Realms
A guided tour of the Astral Realms and the Olympian Planetary Powers that rule them.
The Dream Realms
A guided tour of the Realms beyond the Gate of Horn and the Gate of Ivory. How to use Dream-Work to weaken the effects of the Waters of Forgetfulness.
The Underworld
A guided tour of the Lands bordering and beyond the River Styx and an introduction to the remarkable entities that inhabit them.
Hyperborean Mysteries
An exploration of the Olympian integration of Northern European Mysteries into their shamanic tradition.
Mysteries Of The Hesperides
An exploration of the Olympian integration of Western European (Celtic) Mysteries into their shamanic tradition.
Mysteries Of The Near East
An exploration of the Olympian integration of Asiatic Mysteries into their shamanic tradition.
The Hermetic Tradition
An overview of Greco-Egyptian Hermeticism in Olympian Shamanism
Ancient Mysteries
Our Ancient Mysteries Workshops explore the puzzles of antiquity
Atlantis, the Lost Continent
An exploration of Plato's ancient account and the lore that has accrued around it over the span of many centuries.
Technology And Robots In The Ancient World
An exploration of modern marvels immortalized in tales from our Greco-Roman past.
The New Atlantis
An exploration of the belief that America is the New Atlantis, or is currently undergoing an Atlantean Cycle.
Titanic Time Travel
An exploration of Kronos' enigmatic mythos, his modern-day identity, with meditations, exercises and suggestions for getting unstuck from the Arch of Time.
Mythology of the Planets
An exploration of the planets of our solar system through the lens of Greco-Roman Mythology. Are the Planetary Powers evil tyrants who seek to enslave us or Ascended Beings who are here to help us?
Mythology of the Constellations: Orion
An exploration of the constellations that immortalize the saga of Orion the Hunter.
Mythology of the Constellations: Perseus
An exploration of the constellations that immortalize the legend of the Hero Perseus.
Mythology of the Constellations: Hercules
An exploration of the constellations that immortalize the adventures of Hercules, including the correspondences between his Twelve Labors and the Wheel of the Zodiac.
Ancient Astronauts & Our Alien Heritage
An exploration of mythology, religion and anomalous artifacts in search of evidence pointing to our cosmic origins and the actual identity of the Celestial beings in our myths.
The Contactee Phenomenon In Antiquity
Is the Contactee Phenomenon, usually dismissed as an American aberration from the 1950s, actually an experience well known to the ancients and immortalized in their lore?
Star Map to America
Is the tale of Jason and the Argonauts actually a secret Star Map that guides navigators from the Old World to the New via passage across the Atlantic Ocean?
Atlantis in the New Age
An exploration of modern-day beliefs about Atlantis, including channeled messages from Atlantean intelligences claiming to be from other planes or planets.