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Nikola Tesla reading "Theory of Natural Philosophy Derived to the Single Law of Forces Which Exist in Nature", by Roger Joseph Boscovich

Life of Nikola Tesla Documentary

Nikola Tesla's Bold Adventure 
Strange Experiments Conducted by an Electronic Wizard at the turn of the Century
By Harry L. Goldman
The American West
March, 1971
Page numbers: 4-9
Reprinted in  Unarius: A Biographical History Volume One
"On the afternoon of May 17, 1899, inventor Nikola Tesla stepped from the train at Colorado Springs obsessed with electrifying the earth. The elite of Little London turned out to a welcome the stranger from New York City and they were not disappointed - Tesla was a striking figure. His tall slenderness, wavy black hair, piercing gray eyes, and European mannerisms never failed to capture the emotions of those about him. 
Of the several dignitaries who made it their business to be on hand, few were able to comprehend the significance of Tesla's visit. It was not long before the electrical wizard was able to give his audience a traumatic demonstration of his purpose.  
Of the thousands who reached these shores in 1884, destiny marked Nikola Tesla, an immigrant from Yugoslavia, as one who would soon stand out from the crowd. Within the span of fifteen years, the ambitious inventor bestowed upon his adopted country a prodigious number of scientific achievements and accomplishments. 
He not only gave us our present system of alternating current power transmission, but also the invaluable a.c. motor, ideas and apparatus for industrial induction heating, and welding, diathermy, with its medical applications, synchronous time mechanisms, gaseous tube lighting as in neon and fluorescent bulbs, as well as x-ray apparatus and techniques for their employment. Furthermore, Tesla established a considerable amount of groundwork for radio communications and related fields including the science of radio-guided missiles. 
At the turn of the century, when colleagues were directing their attention to moderate distance code communications, Tesla was feverishly anticipating a method of broadcasting music, speech, pictures, and newspapers to all parts of the globe. According to the inventor, his "World System" of communications would not only interconnect telegraph, telephone, and stock ticker services, but would also provide the benefits of safe and accurate navigation without the aid of compasses. Clocks throughout the world would require little attention as their operation could be radio-controlled from a master station. In addition, he claimed that it would provide personal telephone communications between parties, regardless of distance, with an incredible device small enough to be carried in one's pocket.
As though this were not enough, Tesla's World System was to incorporate the transmission of electric power without the aid of wires. Swaggering in his own inimitable manner of grandeur, the inventor predicted the feasibility of running street cars of London and lighting the lamps of Paris by the power generated by Niagara. The implications of such a reality fermented a passion which bordered on the threshold of physical pain. "Humanity will be like an ant heap stirred up with a stick", cried the impetuous Tesla. "See the excitement coming!" 
Tesla's New York experiments had become restricted by the physical limitations of his Houston Street laboratory. The four-million volt lightning-like discharges produced by his electrical transformers struck ceilings and walls. It was impossible for him to apply practical tests to his wireless transmission theory without accommodations more in proportion to the enormity of his imagination.  
Evidently, Tesla's fame and stories of his scientific achievements had preceded him in his journey to the West. His arrival created quite a stir in bustling community known "for its cosmopolite and high bred people" as well as "its reputation of always doing the right thing at the right time." Noting Tesla's arrival, the Colorado Springs Gazette (May 28) declared, "This week has been noticeable for the presence of distinguished personages in Colorado Springs. Tesla, the electrician, second only to Edison, if indeed to anyone,* is establishing his scientific headquarters here and will settle the question of wireless telegraphy in the weeks to come." News reporters badgered the inventor about his scientific achievements and for information pertinent to his presence in Colorado.
Tesla satisfied their curiosity by informing them that he proposed 'to send a message from Pike's Peak to Paris.'  
* The author of this book does not assume responsibility as to the accuracy of this statement, "second only to Edison," although this was the common understanding at the time. Edison himself gives a dissertation (through psychic transmission) in "Tesla Speaks" Vol. 2 (1973) giving Tesla credit for the many inventions initially inspired by Tesla, the genius behind it all. "
Tesla's New York - Gerry Vassilatos
The biography of Nikola Tesla is set entirely in New York. To know the setting of Tesla's life is to know more of him and his inventive process. From the sites of his several laboratory locations to the "Human Energy" which he so often mentioned... this video takes us on an enlightening journey through the locations that provide a backdrop to the life and inventions of Nikola Tesla.
Nikola Tesla is one of the most prominent and overlooked scientific minds who ever lived. In the 20th century, he was very often overlooked by the general public, but fringe researchers and the scientific community has a whole were generally well versed and knowledgeable in the contributions made by Tesla when he existed. Tesla was a multi-talented Cosmic Visionary who was an enormous imagination and aptitude for creation. Every facet of our current technological culture owes its existence to the work and research done by Tesla who had 700 patents before he passed away. He spoke multiple languages, memorized all of the schematics for his inventions so he have very few physical notes, and he was obsessed with creating a way to transmit information and energy wirelessly and with no cost to society. 

Tesla's Longitudinal Electricity - Eric Dollard, Peter Lindemann & Tom Brown
Today's conceptions of a Tesla Coil provide the researcher with little practical material. Eric Dollard reintroduces the 'pancake' Tesla Coils in a series of experiments taken directly from Tesla's work. No modern interpretations required, we went to the source -- and it worked!!! Construction details are given. If you want to do some exciting, exploratory work into Tesla's theories then this video will certainly give you a good start. Support Eric Dollard! Go to http://EricDollard.com for further research and info on how to contribute to this great man's work! 
Tesla was a mystery to a lot of people. Even now we know very little of his personal life, but like a number of great geniuses Tesla had very strange quirks that were seemingly out of his control. He had a fear of round objects for example. The further you dig into the life and mind of Nikola Tesla the more interesting he becomes. A number of times in his lifetime Tesla claimed to be in touch with extraterrestrial beings. A lot of people shrug this off as a claim from an eccentric "mad scientist", but a good number of people like myself take this claim more seriously. Tesla, as mentioned, was a genius and his contributions to humankind are vast; it is natural to believe that a Cosmic Visionary like Tesla could be overshadowed by more advanced minds from other worlds and dimensions.

Secret of Nikola Tesla Motion Picture

Nikola Tesla was the genius inventor and scientist who laid the foundation for a great deal of our modern technocracy. Our present day civilization owes a great deal to Tesla and his work, and it is because of a Cosmic Visionaries like him that we are able to grow as a humanity and move forward.

Tesla Technology, Joining Science and Spirit
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A Model of the futuristic "Power Tower" inspired by Nikola Tesla
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Nikola Tesla (1857 - 1943)

In Unarius, Tesla is known in the liturgies through his other incarnations in our world; Tesla was also  Copernicus, and Leonardo de Vinci in a previous life. Most theorists believe Tesla to possibly be an alien from another world, but it's a bit more complex than that. Tesla was a human like the rest of us, and like the rest of us his true roots are extraterrestrial in origin. In the case of Tesla, Unariuns believe he has his origins in the scientific super planet of Eros, which is a spiritual world and part of the Unarius Celestial Worlds, also known as Shamballah in our world history and mythos. Going even higher, Unariuns believe that the true Higher-self of Tesla is that of Archangel Michiel, the betrothed to Uriel. The Archangels of Raphiel, Muriel, Michiel, and Uriel are the Supreme Overlords and Masterminds of the universe, with each Archangel overseeing 100,000,000 galaxies at a time.

Nikola Tesla, by Kevin Kennedy
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"Archangel Michiel gave of his great wisdom and Infinite Spiritual Powers when he incarnated on Earth as Leonardo de Vinci during the 15th century, and again as the great scientist Nikola Tesla in the 19th century. He served on Earth in several other lifetimes, as well as on the other 32 Interplanetary Confederation worlds." - Facts About UFOs, by the Interplanetary Ambassador
Tesla Technology - Joining Science & Spirit
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In the texts and liturgies of Unarius, there have many psychic transmission from Nikola Tesla and other scientists from the Celestial Worlds. In the "Tesla Speaks" book series, Tesla and many other great scientists share their wisdom in hopes with this shared knowledge from higher dimensions we can speed up the evolution of our planet and achieve greater spiritual understanding through advanced scientific understanding. In recent years there has been an effort by independent inventors and researchers to approach engineering using the same techniques, methodologies, and mindset as pioneered by Nikola Tesla. A good number of Unarius students have done so as well. If we can open our minds to the infinite possibilities of universal energy, and its interdimensional functions, the technology we could create as a civilization would be endless and it could be the first step to achieving the ultimate goal of any civilization; peace.

From Tesla to John Searl, Part 1
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From Tesla to John Searl, Part 2
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"The Tesla Tower that he invented, patented and was in the process of building, to bring ample supply of energy for the entire world, and which was torn down and destroyed by the politicos, supposedly in fear of it being a landmark for the Russians in World War II, but which was simply an act by the destructive forces to prevent light, truth, and good from being so expressed. But never fear, Earth people, Tesla is still with us and is continuing to help in his vast change-about for the Earth people, from the regressive, destructive, downhill decline to that of a forward and upward, progressive and regenerative way of life. Yes, Nikola, along with his many colleagues and scientists living on the inner worlds, can and are saving the world!" - Keys to the Universe and of the Mind, Ruth Norman
Like in Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, and other ancient civilizations, our society requires a great deal of energy for daily tasks. We've become dependent on it, and for better or for worse we are a technologically driven species. Although we have power plants that power our cities they don't exist without some danger, but still they are a necessary part of our lives. Unarius believes the acceptance of the interdimensional science and the inspiration from the residents from the Celestial Planets is the key to ending our global energy crisis. We believe that the creation of modified giant Tesla coils placed all over the globe could be the beginning of a new golden age for mankind, and this is all due to Nikola Tesla those like him.

Inventing Our Positive Future (2013 Conclave)
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 A Model of the Future City of Mankind, with the Power Tower powering the city wirelessly
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