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The Founders and Leaders of Unarius
This photo was taken during my visit to the Unarius Academy of Science Center

40+ Years of Love & Light
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The Unarius Academy of Science Center for the New World Teaching
145 S Magnolia Ave, El Cajon, CA 92020

Unarius means "Love in Action"
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(c) Unarius Academy of Science

The Unarius Academy of Science (also known as the Unarius Educational Foundation) is a nonprofit metaphysical studies school where students study the physics behind reincarnation, parapsychology, metaphysical healing, and psychic development. 

New World Teacher, Ruth Norman, URIEL
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Founders Ernest L. & Ruth E. Norman are described as Cosmic Visionaries by students and were overshadowed by a Higher Realm of Interdimensional Beings (referred to as "Elder Brothers", or simply "Brothers"). These Interdimensional Beings are part of a Brotherhood known as Unarius. The Normans taught that positive progression through life is the only intelligent way to correct past-life negations for self-healing. The main text for Unarius is a book titled the Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation, where Ernest Norman describes in great detail the 4th dimensional nature our existence, and the reality of Higher Spiritual Worlds. After his passing (or transition), Ruth Norman founded the Unarius New World Teaching Center in El Cajon California in the 1970's. These days the Center in El Cajon is run by dedicated students of Unarius, where they still hold classes and catalog the history of Unarius (which is now going on 60+ years). There are thousands of members around the world who have learned from Unarius, and they come from all walks of life.

Future City display patterns how cities on our planet in the future, and are made to resemble the cities that exist in Higher Dimensions as  closely as possible. This future city is also has a Tesla "Power Tower", much like they had in ancient Atlantis and Lemuria, to power all seven sections with free energy. 

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