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A little bit on Nikola Tesla - A Cosmic Visionary and Interdimensional Emissary

Nikola Tesla is not only an important figure in the teachings of Unarius, but an important figure in the history of the world, giving us so much of our modern technological conveniences and advanced sciences. Unarius has praised Tesla for his efforts since the very beginning. Dr. Norman mentions Tesla very frequently throughout his lectures on interdimensional science, and with Ruth Norman we learn of Tesla's Higher Self of the Archangel Michiel, one of the four members of the Hierarchy of the Universe. Through Tesla's various past-lives in our world we can trace the roots of his influence from our modern era back to the days of Atlantis and Lemuria, and reaching to other planets and other dimensions.
"Nikola Tesla, cosmic visionary—one who has Inner Perception or Cosmic Consciousness—was one of the most prolific scientific inventors of our time. Like Leonardo Da Vinci, Tesla, with his highly developed inner and higher senses, was truly ahead of his time. His mission in life, as a scientist, of the highest order, was to open a new cosmic window, advancing our sciences into futuristic new dimensions. Tesla energy science was to introduce technologies that worked in harmony with nature, without harming the environment.
Electricity, the life force of our civilization, is generated and distributed today as Alternating Current (AC); it was developed by Tesla over 100 hundred years ago. With over 700 patents, his technologies brought us from the horse & buggy days of generating energy into a new era of harnessing and understanding electricity. He could be rightfully called the inventor of the 20th century and beyond. His vision of the future, coupled with his unique style of inventing, produced hundreds of practical devices as well as the beginning of a great new expansion of physics leading to a new science—one broaching a new paradigm of harnessing higher dimensions of energy.
Many of Tesla's ideas and patents were very advanced; they remain for the future generations of scientists to unravel. Presently, there is renewed excitement about Nikola Tesla; especially now in the present 2006 with higher gas and oil costs, many are turning to the father of free energy and earnestly seeking alternative means to generate clean energy as well as revive the electric car. Tesla, often attempted to introduce, into our society, totally new ways of producing electrical power—steering us away from long term dependency on oil; however his new ideas were not accepted in his own time. In spite of this, Tesla did not allow himself to become a bitter, resentful nor a negative person! Because of his advanced Inner Perception and spiritual nature, he often remarked that his ideas—not readily accepted—would be taken up by future generations. He said, "The scientific man does not aim at an immediate result. He does not expect that his advanced ideas will be readily taken up. His work is like that of a planter—for the future. His duty is to lay foundation of those who are to come and point the way. 
There was a great deal of opposition to Teslas' ideas; his spirit was one of a discoverer and inventornot a materialist interested in huge profits! Against tremendous odds, Nikola Tesla dedicated his life to the task of designing and improving technology for the service and spiritual advancement of all humanity." - Tesla Energy

Tesla is an overshadowing force within the teachings of Unarius, and his influence has always been a leading pushing the Earth in a more positive direction, especially with the amazing technology he has shared with us from the Higher Dimensions of life. In the future I want to write more about Tesla, his influence, and his past-lives, but I think that for now sharing the video and the article below will be a solid foundation to expound on in the future.

(c) Unarius Academy of Science

Nikola Tesla's Bold Adventure 
Strange Experiments Conducted by an Electronic Wizard at the turn of the Century
By Harry L. Goldman
The American West
March, 1971
Page numbers: 4-9
Reprinted in  Unarius: A Biographical History Volume One
"On the afternoon of May 17, 1899, inventor Nikola Tesla stepped from the train at Colorado Springs obsessed with electrifying the earth. The elite of Little London turned out to a welcome the stranger from New York City and they were not disappointed - Tesla was a striking figure. His tall slenderness, wavy black hair, piercing gray eyes, and European mannerisms never failed to capture the emotions of those about him. 
Of the several dignitaries who made it their business to be on hand, few were able to comprehend the significance of Tesla's visit. It was not long before the electrical wizard was able to give his audience a traumatic demonstration of his purpose.  
Of the thousands who reached these shores in 1884, destiny marked Nikola Tesla, an immigrant from Yugoslavia, as one who would soon stand out from the crowd. Within the span of fifteen years, the ambitious inventor bestowed upon his adopted country a prodigious number of scientific achievements and accomplishments. 
He not only gave us our present system of alternating current power transmission, but also the invaluable a.c. motor, ideas and apparatus for industrial induction heating, and welding, diathermy, with its medical applications, synchronous time mechanisms, gaseous tube lighting as in neon and fluorescent bulbs, as well as x-ray apparatus and techniques for their employment. Furthermore, Tesla established a considerable amount of groundwork for radio communications and related fields including the science of radio-guided missiles. 
At the turn of the century, when colleagues were directing their attention to moderate distance code communications, Tesla was feverishly anticipating a method of broadcasting music, speech, pictures, and newspapers to all parts of the globe. According to the inventor, his "World System" of communications would not only interconnect telegraph, telephone, and stock ticker services, but would also provide the benefits of safe and accurate navigation without the aid of compasses. Clocks throughout the world would require little attention as their operation could be radio-controlled from a master station. In addition, he claimed that it would provide personal telephone communications between parties, regardless of distance, with an incredible device small enough to be carried in one's pocket.
As though this were not enough, Tesla's World System was to incorporate the transmission of electric power without the aid of wires. Swaggering in his own inimitable manner of grandeur, the inventor predicted the feasibility of running street cars of London and lighting the lamps of Paris by the power generated by Niagara. The implications of such a reality fermented a passion which bordered on the threshold of physical pain. "Humanity will be like an ant heap stirred up with a stick", cried the impetuous Tesla. "See the excitement coming!" 
Tesla's New York experiments had become restricted by the physical limitations of his Houston Street laboratory. The four-million volt lightning-like discharges produced by his electrical transformers struck ceilings and walls. It was impossible for him to apply practical tests to his wireless transmission theory without accommodations more in proportion to the enormity of his imagination.  
Evidently, Tesla's fame and stories of his scientific achievements had preceded him in his journey to the West. His arrival created quite a stir in bustling community known "for its cosmopolite and high bred people" as well as "its reputation of always doing the right thing at the right time." Noting Tesla's arrival, the Colorado Springs Gazette (May 28) declared, "This week has been noticeable for the presence of distinguished personages in Colorado Springs. Tesla, the electrician, second only to Edison, if indeed to anyone,* is establishing his scientific headquarters here and will settle the question of wireless telegraphy in the weeks to come." News reporters badgered the inventor about his scientific achievements and for information pertinent to his presence in Colorado.
Tesla satisfied their curiosity by informing them that he proposed 'to send a message from Pike's Peak to Paris.'  
The author of this book does not assume responsibility as to the accuracy of this statement, "second only to Edison," although this was the common understanding at the time. Edison himself gives a dissertation (through psychic transmission) in "Tesla Speaks" Vol. 2 (1973) giving Tesla credit for the many inventions initially inspired by Tesla, the genius behind it all. "

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Studying the Seven Rays of Unarius: The Wheel of Life

As I stated in a previous blog entry, the Seven Rays are a metaphysically ancient concept that have been interpreted and reinterpreted a million times by every metaphysical student and spiritual organization. Without question, this is a topic that means a great deal to everyone walking on a spiritual journey. In my last post on this topic I tried my best to give a brief overview on the very basics of the Seven Rays and how they connect to the chakra systems as according to the many old interpretations that are relevant still to this day. A common interpretation that still exists today is that the chakra system is segmented into various points that also connect to portions of "ascension" or "enlightenment". The idea is if you can get your chakra or energy points in balance then you can reach a sort of inner peace or even enlightenment itself. People often use yoga for this, but there are also those who use crystals for their energies, or change their diets, or the use of color therapy, etc., in order to correct the balance in their energy system. Now, that's all well and good, and it may very well lead to some sort of positive result, but I have always felt that there has always been a more potent and intelligent way of reaching this sort of inner peace. It is a never-ending process connected to our self-mastery

The Unarius texts talk about the Wheel of Life, also known as the Seven Rays. The Seven Rays connect not only to our physical and metaphysical bodies, but also to Seven Celestial Worlds formerly known as Shamballah, but which is now known as Unarius. These worlds are inhabited by a Brotherhood of Cosmic and Lighted Beings who are guiding the people of our world, and other worlds, in more positively biased directions. In spirituality there is talk of personal guardian angels, but in Unarius we believe that all people are overshadowed not just by one singular angel, but by millions of them. We are never alone in our interdimensional universe, and we are always on a quest for self-improvement so we can evolve and ascend to the next level. The Brotherhood of Unarius is on the same quest as they would never consider themselves perfect beings either; they too are always striving to ascend higher and evolve as well. The Seven Celestial Worlds exist in the Fourth Dimension, where time and space are infinite, and even they are questing to enter even Higher Dimensional Realms of their own. They are no different than us in many respects, and they have lived among us in our world as some of the greatest men and women in our history.

(c) Unarius Academy of Science

We call it the "Wheel of Life" because they all function simultaneously in cycles that empower us and guide us throughout our life on this planet. In Unarius, we do not designate a Ray or Color with any particular part of the body, much like you see in the above diagram of the classical chakra system, but rather all of this comes in through our hypothalamus from a higher dimension. The Seven Rays of Unarius are interdimensional energies that guide and offer spiritual healing to anyone to is in need. The colors associated with the Rays, as well as their symbols, serve a dual purpose. The colors are to describe to us that each Ray is different and independent of the others, but also so we can better visual them as energy forces. Really though, the colors themselves have no power but the Rays themselves have an interdimensional force behind them connected to the Seven Celestial Worlds.

The symbols represent something common in our world that is both tangible and intangible.  The symbol for Elysium for example, is the Incense Urn; the Urn represents the physical atomic body, while the smoke of the incense represents the spirit. The symbol for Venus is that of a White Cross, which represents a balance of body and soul, as does the Double Triangle of Orion. Each symbol can be translated like this. The understanding of the duality of our existence as being both atomic and non-atomic, physical and metaphysical, is integral to understanding our purpose in our world, and how we function as energy beings. We have to come to terms and see that existence isn't what we perceive it to be, and that life and reality is far more abstract than what we have come to know.  When you combine the symbol, which represents a balance of body and soul, with the color of the Ray, which symbolizes a force of intention from a Higher Realm, you will understand why the Wheel of Life is a vital field of study. 

Every individual functions in their own unique way and is on their own unique pathway of life, so the extrapolation from these Seven Rays might come in differently for everyone. Since Unarius is a mental and psychokinetic based science, attunment is all that is needed for finding guidance from the Elder Brothers of Unarius, but attunement with your super-consciousness or "higher-self" takes practice. It should be a natural development as well. No hypnosis or physical tools like  crystal balls or pendulums are needed for it.  In another previous blog post, I talked about "pyramid" and "crystal" power as it relates to the super-consciousness and the power of the mind. In the article, the "pyramid" is represented by the super-consciousness, while the "crystal lens" is the third-eye, or rather our perception of higher metaphysical concepts. It is through this process where we can visualize what it is like to make attunement with our Elder Brothers of Unarius and so we can absorb the energy from the Seven Rays in hopes that we can find the inspiration we desire and need to evolve into greater people.

And it isn't some sort of rare paranormal ability that only a certain few people in the universe possess; we all have it. To gain attunement with the Brotherhood of Unarius might take a bit of practice, but if you keep your senses open to that still small voice that guides us all you will be on the right track in making contact with Higher Beings. I would also recommend studying the Unarius books as they carry with them a high vibration of positive energy. It is important to try and understand the Unariun Interdimensional Concept as a foundation for your studies as well through the Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation, by Ernest L. Norman. Lastly, if you would like to visual these Seven Celestial Worlds yourself, read the Pulse of Creation (also known as the "Voice Of.." series) for a full description of each of this amazing worlds.

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Understanding Unariun Concepts through a 1975 lecture

Recently, some of my friends who are on similar spiritual pathways as I am have asked me to further explain the philosophies involved within the liturgies of Unarius, or at the very least the processes involved with being a student of this spiritual science. There's so much involved when you really begin to deconstruct Unariun thought that it all seems rather exhausting and you can find yourself chasing your own tail if you aren't careful.

In my own experience, I have always appreciated Unarius for its humanistic approach to spirituality; the improvement of the self comes first and foremost and you are left as an independent student without being forced or coerced into studying in any way. There are no tools or trinkets needed to be a Unarius student; all you need is your consciousness. It's an internal spiritual science, so you don't have to go around trying to convert anyone to think the way you do. Lastly, Unarius is not a religion; it's more of a field of study and research. There is no dogmatic structure that you must believe in to be a successful student, and you can study however best suits you (which is also encouraged).

While reading through older articles that have been reprinted in "Unarius, A Biographical History" (which reprints all articles that appeared in the "Unarius Light" quarterly magazine), I came across this transcribed speech by a student named Marc Lully. This speech was given during the 1975 Conclave of Light and I really feel he captures a lot of the understanding needed for wrapping your mind around the concepts within the Unarius teachings.  I can say with full confidence I share a great deal of the same feeling as Mr. Lully in regards to why Unarius exists, and I do believe that Unarius is one of the next steps in spiritual evolution for our world.

I tried my best to add the appropriate imagery to the text, and add links to the various topics brought up by Mr. Lully. I found this lecture to be really enlightening and really in sync with my own spiritual journey before and now during my Unarius studies.

Hermetic Scientists Visit Unarius in San Diego  
Lecture Given by Marc Lully of Chicago, Ill., at Conclave of Light Ceremony, 1975  
“Thank you very much, and I am happy to be here with all of my fellow Unariuns and with Ioshanna (Ruth Norman), who is the Guiding Light of all the modern Truth Seekers who have entered into the new phase of spiritual evolution, into the vast and infinite cosmogony within which we all move, live and have our being. 
Now, with regard to the relationship between Unarius and religion, we must first delve into the past and discover what the relationship was in times gone by between the sciences and religion. Then we will be able to gain a more clear understanding of the relationship between Unarius - which is, in fact, an Interdimensional Science, or the final revelation of scientific thought for modern man and religion. 
As we know, in the past history, many of the great originators of scientific thought have been persecuted and repressed by the established religions of countries that they have dwelled in and in which they sought to express their new doctrines. For instance, one of the most advanced thinkers of his age was Giordano Bruno, who was a contemporary of the great thinker, Galileo. Now we know that Galileo’s thought was censored officially by the established church, and Galileo, in embarrassment, had to recant in order to save his own life. He had to make a public confession that his whole scientific theory was wrong in order to save himself from the persecution of the church. Now Giordano Bruno, whose thought was much more advanced that Galileo, was not so lucky. Bruno taught a system of Hermetic  philosophy based on the ancient system of Hermes Trismegistus, the thrice greatest. He was, we could say, a forerunner of the present Unarius movement and was overshadowed by some of the great Spiritual Beings on planet Eros (the largest spiritual world in Unariun cosmology) - in particular, the [spiritual city] Parhelion.
Giordano Bruno 
Giordano Bruno taught these many wonderful truths throughout Europe,  but because the world, and in  particular, because religion was not ready to assimilate a scientific  interdimensional concept into its  midst, he was burned at the stake. This was a very unfortunate event in the history of mankind because every time an event such as this has occurred it forces the world backward in evolution instead of forward into the Light. 
When science began an upward swing, when it began permeating the world with new scientific beliefs and procedures a strange thing occurred. After gaining enough momentum it began to push aside religion and religion began to lose much of the significance that it had formerly held in the minds of the earthmen. So Roger Bacon, one of the foremost leaders in transmitting the scientific procedure to the earthman, and Francis Bacon - who we all know as not only a great scientist and author but a great Rosicrucian - also gave out their scientific formula to help found the Royal Society of London which was a scientific body that not only studied the more scientific principles but was instrumental in spreading the secret wisdom which they taught in secret to the United States when the early founding fathers of this country set up the constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence. The Royal Society of London helped infuse higher principles of thought into the minds of such men as Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington to set up a spiritual basis for the United States. They began a heritage for intellectual and spiritual freedom in the United States that at times we have not lived up to; but I believe we will begin living up to it as the Unarius Principles are impounded into the general thought structure of the American people. But nevertheless, when these men such as Roger Bacon, Francis Bacon, and William Crookes and other scientists of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries began making headway into the current beliefs of their time, they more or less pushed aside religious beliefs and science began to overtake religion. In fact, nowadays in the 20th century you will meet many people who, when discussing spiritual matters and religious matters with you will say ‘We no longer have any need for the spiritual; we have science.’ But how wrong they are because what has their science brought them? - the destruction of the planet in many respects; the destruction of [the ecosystem] and of human life. 
Unarius - The Saving Grace for Mankind
Unarius brings to man not only scientific principles, but scientific principles of the Interdimensional Cosmos - a complete explanation of how the inner worlds and the outer worlds are linked and re-linked, but regenerate through an oscillating process that not only aids the planet Earth but also aids and connects the planet Earth to the 32 other planets in the great Confederation of earth planets. 
Man’s First Phase in Understanding the Infinite
When religion began on the planet Earth, it went through many different phases. Some phases of religious thought were the results of tremendous spiritual illumination and other phases of religious thought were the representation of malignant entities that influenced certain pseudo-religious leaders of the planet through the sub-astral realms from which they gained certain pseudo-knowledge. 
One of the phases that religion has gone through was the phase of magic, the belief that man can influence, drive, or compel the very gods themselves and superhuman beings and deities will do his bidding. In a recognized classic of anthropological study regarding magic, ‘The Golden Bough’, by Sir James Frazer, states that the difference between primitive religion, which contained a phase of magic in it, and modern anthropomorphic religion is that in the ancient times where magic was predominant, the priest or the worshiper compelled the gods to do his bidding whereas in modern anthropomorphic religion the worshiper beseeches and begs the gods to do his bidding. 
Sir James Frazer
In our counseling work in Chicago, especially in the last five years when occultism and New Age thought has become more and more popular and is reaching more and more people in the United States and in the world we have come to contract with a great many people who have been unfortunate victims of pseudo-New Age philosophy. One in particular comes to mind. About six months ago, a woman came to me for counseling. She had told me that despite the fact that she had studied spiritual philosophy and spiritual science for the last five years, she had experienced lack, limitation, migraine headaches and crippling health problems. She wanted to know why this should happen to her. So I asked her to tell me what spiritual philosophy she had studied, who she has studied with, etc., and she told me that she was studying completely on her own and that the spiritual or so-called spiritual philosophies she studied were voodooism, black magic, and sorcery! Well, I explained to her that ‘voodooism’, black magic, and sorcery may seem very appealing to certain types of people who wish to gain power and domination over their neighbors for their own selfish purposes, but have about as much to do with true regenerative spiritual philosophy as the chair here as to do with the projector in the back. There is absolutely no relationship, unless we make a relationship using our belief and imagination. So I explained to her that all of these grievances that she had against the world (she was angry with the world and with God for visiting migraine headaches upon her and other health ailments, poverty, limitation) were caused because she put faith in a system of belief that was outside of herself. In other words, instead of placing faith in the Fountainhead or the Ultimate Source or Reality in this universe, she placed it in the voodoo priests and sorcerers who only wished to gain control and domination over her. 
For therapy I presented to her Volume 1, ‘The Voice of Venus’, and pointed out certain sections of the book that deal with the great healing wards on the planet Venus, and showed her in this book how people who have indulged in what the Moderator, Ernest L. Norman called ‘self-termination’ or, as we call it, suicide, are healed on this inner planet, Venus, and regenerated through oscillating processes that are impounded into the psychic anatomy by the very advanced machinery on the spiritual planet, Venus. 
Healing Occurs Instantaneously!
Now of course, in the second book of ‘Tesla Speaks’ we have diagrams of this advanced machinery. At the time I didn’t have the second volume of ‘Tesla Speaks’ to show her, but there was no need for it. Because upon reading Volume 1, ‘Voice of Venus’, the energies that were impounded into this book from the very fabric of Infinite Cosmogony penetrated her very being and caused a regeneration within her psychic anatomy and this resulted in an almost instantaneous healing! Needless to say she has given up voodooism and black magic and is now studying Unariun texts, as they are outlined in the ‘Pulse of Creation’ series and the ‘Tesla Speaks’ series. 
Do Non-Living Things Harbor Living Spirits?

The next phase of religious thought is what we can call Shamanism. Now, Shamanism grew out of a belief  that there is power, psychic power, is a resident in animate and inanimate objects. The various Shamanistic systems that are still in existence on the planet Earth are the Bonpo system in Tibet which preceded Tibetan Buddhism, and the Hawaiian Huna system. Now the belief in energies that permeate the animate and inanimate objects can be a very constructive belief in the sense that it is true - there are invisible energies throughout the physical world and throughout the inner worlds. These energies can be employed by trained clairvoyants and seers to aid people who are in distress. The Higher Unariun Brotherhood that resides in what was once known as Shamballa - but is now called Unarius - projects beams of concentrated Power for healing and readjustment to all those who are in need, who so attune themselves. 
Psychic’s Use Inanimate Objects to Pick Up a Person’s Vibratory State
In certain forms of psychic phenomena such as psychometry, which is the easiest form of psychic ability or psychic perception to develop, you see proof that there is an energy or various energies that permeate objects. You have see demonstrations of psychism were a person will take, for instance, a ring such as the ring I am wearing and hand it to a psychic who will, in turn, hold the ring and pick up the vibratory rate and tell this person who owns the ring or one who wore the ring, something about himself. This is conclusive proof that there is not only a force, but various forces that indwell animate and inanimate objects. 
In the yoga systems of the East, the various forces that indwell animate and inanimate objects are called prana: in the Hawaiian Huna system these forces were called Li, or Mana. Now the Shamanistic schools of religious thought differ from the traditional systems of religion by the fact that they are very individualistic and not very traditional systems in the sense that they are known by the masses. 
Yoga - A Complex and Varied System of Study

In India, we have a proliferation of different yoga systems. For instance, we are all familiar with Hatha Yoga, Gnana Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Yantra Yoga, Bhaka Yoga, Karma Yoga - the number of systems is almost infinite. Now these are the traditional systems of yoga as outlined by the Upanishads of the yoga aphorism of Patanjali and the Vedas. Now on the other hand, we have the Shamanistic schools of yoga, which are yoga systems developed by highly gifted yogans or psychic investigators and kept in the family and handed from generation to generation. These systems have usually been kept in closely-knit family circles. 
One of the systems of yogi-shamanistic practice that reached the United States (one of the few ones) was the Serada Yoga system of Yogi Wassan. He taught in the United States during World War I to about 1933. I guess he was before most of our times and was quite popular in the early 1920’s. Now in his particular yogic system, to show you the difference between a Shamanistic school of yoga and a popular school of yoga, the yogis of his particular school including himself, his father and his grandfather did not concentrate on the “om” sound. We know in the traditional Hindu systems of yoga, there is a sound “om”, which yogans concentrate on. Now this sound is a representation of the vibratory rate made by the flight of the “Bird of Eternity”, known as Kali-Hansa in Hindu philosophy. 
In Yogi Wassan’s system of Shamanistic yoga, they did not concentrate on the “om” sound. They concentrated on a similar sound; it was the “ong” sound. This was a syllable that was handed down in the Wassan family from generation to generation. This shows how personalized these Shamanistic schools of religious thoughts are. 
Ancestor Worship - Past & Present
Vietnamese Altar
The next phase that the world moved through and is moving through in present time is ancestor worship. In ancient China and Japan, before Buddhism and Taoism gained a foothold the average individual worshiped a departed ancestor. In the United States  today we know that our culture is extremely youth-oriented. People worship youth. Older want to be young; young people want to remain young. People are looking back towards their youth with nostalgia. The popularity of that new movie called ‘That’s Entertainment’, which is a nostalgic look at the movies of the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s shows that people are always looking back towards their youth in this culture. However, in ancient eastern cultures of Japan and China, people venerated the elderly and when these elderly parents and aunts and uncles pass on, they were worshiped as deities by the Japanese and Chinese. In modern times now, in the country of Thailand, this ancestor worship is still prevalent. 
Spiritualism - A Way of the Past. The Unarius Science has Come at Last! 
The United States and Europe of course have not escaped the belief of ancestor worship. In the 19th century in the United States we had a great outcropping and manifestation of ancestor worship though the guise of Spiritualism. The Fox Sisters, who were the first exponents of Spiritualism, or contact with the departed, were Americans living in the eastern United States. They began to be possessed or obsessed by departed entities, one whose name was John King I believe, and they would work through these sisters producing psychic phenomena and materialization's, rapping, etc. Then there was another Spiritualist medium in the United States named Andrew Jackson Davis who was on a littler higher level. He had developed clairvoyance to the certain limited degree and could see into the Inner Realms. 
The Fox Sisters 
But nevertheless, the essence of Spiritualism is the fact that people who haven’t come into the Science of Unarius believe that they have to maintain a close personal contact with a departed one for they fear if they do not the departed one will be lost to them forever. When you study the Science of Unarius however, you will discover that people who supposedly die - and I say ‘supposedly die’ because the average conception of death is one of finality, or the end of existence - do not die at all; it is not the end of existence, it is only a transference of consciousness into the higher planes of existence. With Unarius, there is absolutely no need to go into a deep trance or any other form of trance as advocated by the Spiritualists in the 19th century, for in Unarius, you expand the mind by impounding higher thought conceptions and especially the concept of Infinite Creation into the psychic anatomy, thereby affording a student of the Unarius Science the ability to transfer his consciousness unto any point of spacetime within any known or unknown portion of the universe. 
Did Man Create God in His Own Image?

 The next phase of religion is the concept of the anthropomorphic god which I think almost all here are familiar with. The anthropomorphic god is a personalization of a man or a woman. For ancient Hebrews the anthropomorphic god was Jehovah. It is interesting to note how in the ancient Hebrew religion there was still an element of magic within it because it was against their code of ethics or morality to pronounce the name of their anthropomorphic god. They believe that once you know a person’s or an entity’s name you have control over them. So you can see how sorcery and black magic have permeated these so-called advanced religions of the age. And of course, there are many other personal deities who people have worshiped in not only the past but in the present. There was Ishtar in ancient Babylon, and I am sure that in present time the average person’s conception of the great Spiritual Being who descended to Earth who was called Jesus of Nazareth is entirely wrong. They believe him to have been a personal god who descended for their own personal salvation - and if you don’t believe in that one particular god somehow you are left out of the vast cosmogony. Thanks to Unarius, we know this is not true. 
The Next Phase - Transcendentalism 
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The next and last phase of religion which the earthman progressed through is what we call Transcendentalism, or the belief or knowledge of a permeating, divine principle that has been called Infinite Mind, Divine Mind, the Universal Mind, or Infinite Cosmic Mind. This belief was brought out in the 19th century by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, who in turn taught Mary Baker Eddy, who in turn taught many disciples such as Emma Curtis Hopkins and other leaders in what became known as the New Thought Movement. Right in this area, San Diego and Los Angeles, etc., you have the modern-day equivalent of the Transcendental beliefs such as the church that was founded by Ernest Holmes and the Divine Science Church that was founded in Colorado and later brought to California. So the belief in an Infinite Mind that permeates all beings, all people, and is at our disposal was probably the last phase of development prior to Unarius that occurred on the earth plane. If any of you want to gain a greater understanding of this Transcendentalism you can simply read the essays of Emerson, especially his essay on compensation which is a beautiful description of the principles of Transcendentalism. 
Swedenborg & Kant - Forerunners of the Unariun Concept 
And now we come to the most important phase of religious belief on Earth, and that is the infusion of the Unariun Principles of Life - the knowledge and the beliefs of the Interdimensional Cosmos into the area of religion. One of the forerunners of the Unariun Concept was the great Swedish mystic Emanuel Swedenborg and a contemporary of his was a philosopher who if memory serves correctly is now functioning on and through the planet of philosophy, Hermes (the Unariun celestial world for philosophy); Immanuel Kant. Now both Swedenborg and Kant were interested in penetrating the higher, interdimensional worlds, and they proceeded to penetrate these worlds in two distinct and different manners. Emanuel Swedenborg began his investigation of the Higher Worlds using hypnagogic or dream state - that state of consciousness wherein a person wavers between sleep and waking. I am sure all of us here have had experiences at one time or another with this state of consciousness. 
Emanuel Swedenborg
In the Far East, the yogis used this state of consciousness to go into a deeper state of consciousness which is called the dreamless sleep or Sushupti. In Swedenborg’s time however he was one of the first people to consciously experiment with the state of consciousness that lies between the sleeping state and the waking state. The results of Swedenborg’s investigation of projecting his mind in this state of consciousness was that there are two orders of Angelic Beings in the universe. He called them the Higher Order and the Lower Order. The Lower Order was interested more or less in impersonating departed souls from the planet Earth, whereas the Higher Order were actually the Spiritual Brotherhood of Unarius. 
Immanuel Kant
Now, Immanuel Kant penetrated the veil that separates the seen and unseen worlds with a very different technique. Kant wrote the book called ‘The Critique of Pure Reason’. Using logic and reason, very intense reasoning, penetrated into the Higher Worlds and came to a conclusion that man is a process of thought that wavers between what he called the noumena and the phenomena. He said that man’s existence was poised between these two worlds - the Inner Worlds and the Outer Worlds. 
From Out of the Stars Comes the Space Age Science - Unarius! 
Now there are many concepts involved in the Unariun philosophy, but I have chosen three to communicate the basic idea of Unarius as I understand it, to you. Number one is the concept of ‘Infinite Creation’. The old religious fundamentalists believe that creation is finished. The world as it stands now will be the world as it will be in twenty, thirty, forty, or five hundred years. The old religious fundamentalists believe that Heaven Worlds are finished. They believe that this is the best of all possible worlds! 
Now in Unariun thought, as it is demonstrated, not only in the ‘Lesson Course’ but through the scientific medium of the oscilloscope which you say yesterday, you discover that creation is not finished, and that creation will not only progress but will regenerate itself into higher and higher forms. 
Oscilloscope Diagram
The second principle is the principle of ‘resurgent regeneration’. This is the concept that could only be closely compared to one other belief on Earth and that is the belief of reincarnation. But if you listen to the popular books on reincarnation, you will discover that the general conception in the mass mind regarding reincarnation is either inaccurate or all wrong. Basically, the idea of reincarnation is a belief in repetitive earth lives. About, I would say, four months ago i was watching a late show program. I think it was the Johnny Carson show and I saw on there some famous movie star. I forgot her name but she was a very famous and beautiful woman - and also very intelligent. She was talking to Johnny Carson about her religious beliefs and she said to him, ‘You know, I believe in reincarnation,’ and he began a discussion with her. I thought to myself, ‘Well this is wonderful; the masses of people will gain a comprehension of reincarnation by listening to this famous movie star speak.’ But as she spoke and went on with her belief in reincarnation, I discovered how tragic it is that the average person has a misconception of reincarnation. She told Johnny Carson, ‘The reason I believe in reincarnation is because I believe in beautiful things. When I die and come back, I want to come back as a beautiful butterfly!”
Now, in the Unariun Concept of resurgent regeneration, we discover that there is no coming back as a butterfly or a snake or a moth. Can you imagine if you came back as a giraffe or an elephant that would have to be kept in a zoo? You see the goal of Unarius is to liberate man from the shackles of matter and that would only further enslave him in lower animal forms. 
So the Unariun Concept of resurgent regeneration states that the seeds (energies) that a person places within his psychic anatomy, the positive seeds, the seeds of hope, goodness, faith, charity, will oscillate through spacetime and regenerate into a higher form during his subsequent incarnations. So it is a process of constant improvement and constant evolution as we go through the phases of resurgent regeneration. 
Other Worlds, Galaxies, Universes! Unarius Acquaints you with Infinity - As far as the Mind can Reach, and Beyond! 
The next principle is what I call the concept is what i call the concept of many interpenetrating worlds - that there exist many mansions throughout the universe. In ‘Tempus Procedium’, which was channeled by Ernest L. Norman, the first Unariun Moderator, he made a very profound and enlightening statement. He said, ‘That which Buddha called Nirvana, that which the Hindu yogis called Samadhi, and that which certain sects call Moksha, is what is known as Unarius, or the bridge or gate between the physical and the Inner Worlds. 
There is No Limit to Creation, There is No End to Infinity
With the Unariun Science, we are shown that creation is not limited to our puny earth world. Creation extends throughout the entire interdimensional cosmos., into the planes of what was formerly called Shamballa or the Unarius Brotherhood of Spiritual Planets: Venus, Hermes, Eros, Orion, Muse, Elysium, and Unarius. It is through these Spiritual Planets that we progress in the so-called after-death state. These are the planets that, when we go to sleep at night, our psychic anatomies or astral bodies journey to for the instruction in this higher Interdimensional Science. Throughout the universes there are worlds within worlds. 
In Eastern philosophy, they speak of Nirvana, Parinirvana and Manaparinirvana (sutra) . This is where all the good people go. They also have a concept for where all evil-doers go; it’s way down here called Avishi Nirvana! There is talk of the Lokas and the Talas and this all vindicates that throughout the universe there are many homes for many different people evolving at many different rates of oscillating speed. When we translate from the physical world into the Interdimensional Cosmos, we all find that spot in the universe where we belong. We are all linked up with a portion of the universe - some world within the vast and Infinite Cosmogony that corresponds to our own oscillating rate. And it is upon these world where we receive the benefit of the Unariun Brotherhood and the oscillations that emit from the Unarius Moderator (Ernest L. Norman), Ioshanna (Ruth E. Norman) in her Higher form as the Archangel Uriel. And when we receive these vibratory rates, these high oscillating rates, we are regenerated and made fit to progress further into the Interdimensional Cosmos - whether it be in the physical body or in the body of radiant Light. 
Now what is the process that was brought to the earth plane by the Spiritual Brotherhood that makes all of this possible? How do we consciously regenerate ourselves? How do we consciously evolve into the Higher Worlds? Now in 1974 we can go to any bookstore and see that there is a proliferation of works on meditation, concentration; they even have thought of new names for the Ancient arts of concentration. Now they call it transactional analysis, behavior therapy, and so forth. But it all boils down to one thing - it is a form of introspection whereby a person goes into himself.
Thanks to the Unarius Science, this has all been made obsolete. There is no longer any need to lose consciousness when we delve into the Inner Worlds. The new process, the heavenly process, the Unariun process of attuning to Higher Worlds is outlined in the Lesson Course quite plainly, and there is one chapter in ‘Tempus Procedium’ that I read before I left Chicago to come here, that in two pages the Moderator outlines the whole process of mental attunement that brings on evolution into Higher Worlds. This process is basically this; every human being comes equipped with a psychic anatomy, or if you go into the subject a little deeper, every human being  is a manifestation of the psychic anatomy. We are not bodies with souls, we are souls with bodies. The human body is built around our consciousness, and our consciousness is built around what is called in Unarius the psychic anatomy. In Ancient times, in the Hindu systems, this was called Linga Sharira, but for the present we shall call it the psychic anatomy. 
"Linga Sharira" - the Subtle Body
Now within the psychic anatomy, there are vortexes or whirling fields of force, both positive and negative, depending on the person's own personal attitudes and convictions. Now outside of this, but also interpreting it, is what is called in the Lesson Course, the vast and Infinite Cosmogony. The vast and Infinite Cosmogony has also been called Radiations from the Fountainhead or the Expression of the Fountainhead. And the reason for the trouble, turmoil and grief that the average person goes through and that the world in general goes through, is in fact that we have shut ourselves off from the consciousness of this vast and Infinite Cosmogony. 
Now in the Unarius system of self-development, what occurs is this: As there is no need for meditation, trance, etc., or concentration, we simply study the advanced principles of Mind, the advanced principles of Infinite Creation as they are expressed in the various Unarius epistles. As we study these principles, these principles actually become whirling vortexes or energy constituents within our psychic anatomies! So what we do is impound in the psychic anatomy an effigy of the vast Infinite Cosmogony, and this effigy of the Infinite Cosmogony is sustained by our comprehension of these principles and it grows and grows until it becomes your Illumined Superconscious Self. And when that occurs, you have perfect attunement with every mansion and every home within the Interdimensional Cosmos. Thank you very much!"  

 Norman, Ruth. The Unarius Educational Foundation: An Historical Biography. Vol. 1. El Cajon, CA: Unarius Educational Foundation, 1985. Print.

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Voice of Olympus Interview (4/4/16)

                       (c) Hercules & Athena             (c) Star Center Atlantis                               

(c) Unarius Academy of Science

So I was recently interviewed on the show Voice of Olympus by its wonderful and gregarious hosts Hercules Invictus and Athena Victory. It was my first radio interview, so I was somewhat nervous, but I've been invited to return again in the future. We cover in this short interview portions of my spiritual journey, my involvement with the Unarius Academy of Science, my thoughts on the founders Ernest Norman and Ruth Norman, and Star Center Atlantis and the upcoming Mythic Atlantis event. To listen, click  below, or follow the link, and be sure to listen to other episodes of Voice of Olympus. 

"Voice of Olympus Enter the World of Living Myth Voice of Olympus explores the many manifestations of Greco-Roman mythology in our present day and age. We invite you to join us in celebrating Mount Olympus in spheres of activity ranging from spirituality to pop-cultural entertainment. Portals will be provided for those wishing to enter, and be an active part, of the ever-evolving Olympian mythos. Host: Hercules Invictus Co-Host: Athena Victory Spiritual Unity Radio Network is dedicated to the concept that All Manifestations of the Divine are equally valid. We are committed to bringing you quality programming each week. Our vision is to provide nightly shows covering a wide range of spiritual topics spanning multiple Expressions of Faith. We wish to see programming developed to fill a niche of broadcast for all people who understand that all Manifestations of the Divine are sacred."

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Justice, Revenge, and Forgiveness

Lady Justice
"Individually, each man's problems are different. He also looks upon them differently and interprets their values according to his own concepts. Yet, basically, the elements which can solve every man's problems are the same and the fact that one or several of these elements are missing in the average individuals interpretations of life is quite evident. Collectively, as a community, a nation, or all nations, our position in life is a direct byproduct of the great masses of people. It is also apparent that while man interprets life in an infinite number of ways, yet he is, collectively the same person. In our analysis and introspection we must arrive at a basic platform of evaluation whereby we will solve, not only for ourselves, this riddle of life but assist substantially in solving the same riddle for the masses. How then can we attain this solution? First, it may appear a strange paradox that man has at present just as he always had, this solution in his hand. Looking back into the written pages of history, we see the rise and fall of nations, empires, and people, all with the same basic problems, the same internal and external strife to bring themselves into what they believe to be the best way of life. This is at present, just as was true in the past times, every individuals own interpretation of self-realization. The great collective masses of the world are torn between the values of the material elements of this realization and the more vague inward desires of the higher self. And so it is thus today that we see mankind in this same life and death struggle with these internal and external impulsion's and expulsions - on one hand he has been brought up in a society of social structures which place great emphasis on self, therefore he develops a strong ego. This ego or selfhood is something which is composed of all the ingredients of reactionary thinking which the individual thinks is necessary to support his life. Here again is conflict, for man sees about him in the varied ways of his society, a necessary amount of integration and a dependency upon his fellow man. He is constantly forced to admit that his fellow man is much like himself with the same basic problems and relationships, and with a comparable amount of intelligence. This strong material ego may also complicate a person's life inasmuch as certain deflation's of this false ego structure give rise to the various emotional conflicts which develops a neurosis or neurotic thought pattern." - Ernest L. Norman, The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation
When preparing to understand the criminal justice system in America, you'll find it to be very disjointed, discouraging, and frustrating. It is a system that was originally somewhat coherent in that men and women would be charged, taken to court, and proven guilty or not guilty. There have always been issues to within the system with the most prevalent being that of innocent citizens doing time in prison for crimes they did not commit, which in turn affects the lives surrounding that person as well as the community and governing body that allowed such a travesty to take place. Since the 1980's until the present, "justice" has become a horrible reflection of our nations thirst for revenge, regardless of how harmless a crime actually is. We as a nation spend millions upon millions on a system that doesn't work and that refuses to take responsibility for its actions. We the people of this nation are guilty of facilitating this great travesty as well, by allowing our voting power to put up the loudest carnival barker in office. Being tough on crime doesn't and shouldn't mean making people suffer beyond the scope of their crime, and a person should be allowed to experience a transformation positive change. Hundreds if not thousands of incarcerated people have paid their dues and have transformative experiences within our nations horrible prison system and do want to return into our society and become productive citizens who contribute positively to our way of life, but the system denies this because of fear that some former inmates can't change.

I am not the same person I was 10 years ago, and I'm not entirely sure I am the same person I was yesterday. We are all on a constant route of change when we are conscious of our own actions and habits. We know when we are doing "bad" and harming others but we choose not too because in some instant hedonistic way we see this as a benefit to ourselves. This is not the case however because when we harm others, we always hurt ourselves on a deeper level. We degrade ourselves and remove ourselves of our humanity. To change is to keep our consciousness on a path that guarantees our civility. When we do not change, someone always suffers, and we are the ones who suffer the most from it. Within our criminal justice system we have built a landscape that continuously keeps newly reformed people on a negative path, and they are unable to change because of this flawed system. As they suffer, so do we as a society. We lose a bit of our dignity as a nation as we have incarcerated more people in America than all of Europe has.

Students of Unarius don't believe there are any true victims; in a metaphysical sense we are the causation of our own current situations. Our negatively biased karma is but a reflection of a time when we were victimizing others. This cycle can of course be broken, and this negative energy can be polarized into something beautiful. A person is a polarity for their situation, and correcting this karma begins with your perspective and realizing that regardless of how you got in your current predicament you must take responsibility for it. Regardless of what it is, no one else can change how you feel or your perspectives to anything for you because you have to want to make the changes yourself.  To this end, the folks in prison currently find themselves their because of karma from their previous lifetimes, but as mentioned before a great number of them want to and have changed, and still the system we've all contributed to fails to allow them the opportunity for growth. It stunts them in an awkward place that is much worse than purgatory. Worse of all, some become so desperate that they resort to their old negative habits as a means to survive. 

The American dream is one of freedom. Why does a nation that prides itself on freedom have a small country's worth of people locked up with zero chance to survive once they're set free. In prison they live in conditions that are appalling and inhumane by any standards. Once free they are given some pocket change (if they're lucky) with no connection to any resources that would help them integrate back into society. Very often, these are the people we see homeless and begging for change in our big cities. To ultimately fix this problem of unchanging neglect, and to save our nation, we have to find a better way to govern our criminal justice system and change the paradigm of how we manage certain types of crimes. 

Last Week Tonight: Prisoner Re-entry

The massive influx of inmates initially spawned from Mandatory Minimum laws created by politicians who wanted to get the attention of the American public. With each voting season, every politician promised new and more creative ways to get tough on crime. Admittedly this was all due to the drug scene of the 1970's and 1980's, and by the 1990's rolled around all parties and all voting Americans wanted there to be a way to deter crime and keep the the public safe from drug dealers, gang members, and criminals of all kinds. So, Mandatory Minimums entered our society; a manifestation of our revenge. We all thought that we were creating a greater system that allowed for true justice to shine through, but really we just wanted to see everyone associated with certain crimes published to the harshest extent possible. This is not justice though; this is more akin to a witch hunt. Low-level and non-violent criminals were now being prosecuted as though they were murderous and violent monsters. There are drug dealers in prison now for selling marijuana which is now a recreational drug that is now sold legally in parts of our country.  Initially, the thought was that Mandatory Minimums would scare would-be criminals because of their harsh "one size fits all" sentencing for crime, but it had zero effect. Much like how cameras don't deter bank robbers or muggers from committing crimes, Mandatory Minimums also don't help matters. In fact, Mandatory Minimums might be the modern causation for higher crime rates in certain parts of our country. 

So, how do we really help the people trapped in the horrible revolving door that is the criminal justice system? As mentioned before, its a matter of polarizing negative energy into positive energy. We must take this stagnant and unforgiving criminal justice system and create something that is new and dynamic and allows for growth. We already know there are former inmates who have changed, but can't because the system doesn't give them the necessary resources needed for growth. We already know because of the date from previous voting cycles that politicians will blather on with rhetoric that sounds good and wholesome, but their intent is anything but. We have to be careful who we vote for as our votes are a precious freedom. All politicians pander to our reactive nature, and many will flip flop on an issue depending what they believe they majority will want. But there is no black or white in reality; it's all shades of grey. Black and white issues is one that only exists in politics as separation creates a formulaic drama that will help politicians manipulate the American public to view very important issues from a superficial and miniscule perspective. Most people want an easy answer, and most politicians will find a way to make that work to their own benefit. 

Instead of the reactive mind, we have to focus more on the analytical mind. We want to access our super-consciousness and think clearly about how to handle our personal responsibilities as beings who co-exist in a world with others who are on an equal footing with us. Although there is no such thing as "equality" in the sense that we all need different quotients to our own personal journeys in life, we are equal in our importance to one another. We are not truly separated as we are all from the same Fountainhead of the Infinite Creative Intelligence. Why create discord when we have the ability to create harmony? This is an issue that falls onto the reactive mind and our ego. Although we are all individually unique, our problems are all comparable. Empathy exists because we can understand the suffering of others because we have suffered ourselves. Still, as individuals we feel threatened very easily when our personal space is invaded, so to speak. When we witness someone stronger than us, or smarter than us, or more talented than us in some capacity. This sort of ego deflation can create fear and anxiety, and because of our pride we have distrust in others. I believe this is the core problem with our understand of justice and what justice should be. Of course it goes without saying that criminals should be punished, and take responsibility for the actions, but just because we label someone a "criminal" doesn't mean they are any less of a person. People are capable of great and wondrous things, and the most beautiful aspect of this is we all have the ability to learn and grow and become greater than what we were before. I am not the person who I was 10 years ago because I am better than the person I used to be. I am not who I am yesterday because I have learned a great deal since then.

By labeling someone as a criminal or an excon we lock them in a box where they have trouble experiencing the growth that we all take for granted. Without a doubt there are crimes that are deserving of harsh sentences, but not all those convicted of crimes are deserving of harsh sentences. There are a million stories that are relatable to the human spirit about struggle and fear to why these men and women went down the wrong path. Instead of wishing ill upon them and feeding into our own fears, we ought to look ourselves in the mirror and try to understand why are acting so viciously to people we've never met and to situations we've never witnessed. The energy we exert on any situation should be a conscious effort, and we have to know what we stand for as individuals and as a society when we consider one another. Do we went to feed into more negative karma, or do we want to bring more understanding into the world?

A criminal isn't always a criminal. People can change when they have the right environment to do so. When we label others we try to control who they are, but that is an impossible thing to do. No one is ever just one thing; people are far too complex. Don't think like a politician because you'll only see things in black and white and ignore the more complex and import facets of a topic. And try not to judge people too harshly. You'll never know the life story of every man or woman or the circumstances that created who they are presently. We have to learn that forgiveness is the key to freedom. When we judge others, we can never truly be free.